Is Sony Artificially Inflating PSVR Demand?

Left 4 Dead 3 Accidentally Hints At Its Existance, Street Fighter Heads To ESPN, and A Florida Man Sues Apple For 10 Billion Dollars!

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stuna11816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

A question to a question! Did Sony artificially inflate the demand for the PS4? No

Now a answer to Sony inflating demand for PSVR! Since its introduction has PSVR received mostly positive feedback from not only industry developers, but the majority of the general public who've tried it? Yes

Has Sony continuously and consistantly advertised and promoted PSVR with proven software development to ensure PSVR viability as their next step forward in evolving the PlayStation brand? Yes

Has not another console in fact made plans to fully incorporate VR into their future iteration of said console? Yes

Has not major players in the industry ensured that PSVR will receive the majority of PC VR title releases along side PC releases? Yes

Have not every pre-order quota at any given time or place in the world been met with overwhelming response causing the alloted amounts of pre-orders to sell out in a matter of minutes? Yes

Now ask yourself those questions, and you tell me if those circumstances are a indication of Sony inflating the demand for PSVR, because to me it's a indication that its a actual demand for PSVR where no inflation is needed!

I love when people disagree with proven facts! It's a clear indication of their level of denial.

Antnee5341816d ago

The only question is for me how many of the psvr pre orders allowd at stores

extermin8or1816d ago

Based on a fairly small game store in the UK having had a few hundred allocated multiple times. I'd say it varies. Sony already said production is slower than the actual ps4 and it was delayed from June to allow for more launch stock but I reckon we are looking at 1-2 million being available day one. With shipments worldwide of 0.5 -1 million produced worldwide and sold prior to Xmas. This also ties in with sony's sale predictions and analysts claims of 1.5 million + sales by January. According to forces it's been at least 3 times as popular as occulus rift.

Outside_ofthe_Box1816d ago

lol People said the same thing about the PS4. How can you purposely hold back shipments yet it had the best launch of any PS console?

Same thing with VR. PSVR is new hardware. Sony isn't going to have 10 million VR units at the ready lol. Having 1-2 million at launch is a lot for new hardware. Given that there are 40+ million ps4 users out there it isn't a total shock that demand is greater than 2 million, but I guess it's artificial lol.

yeahright21816d ago

It's been adjusted I'm sure, but they said they planned to move something like 1.5 million in the first year. I'm sure with all the buzz and pre orders selling out, they upped that and are probably struggling to keep up on the manufacturing end of things. To stop taking pre orders, I'm guessing they're trying avoid what happened with vive and oculus where people weren't getting them day one.

tinynuggins1816d ago

Most likely they are but that not a bad thing, it's a smart business/marketing tactic. I'm sure if they hit a half million preorders they would have announced that by now.

donthate1816d ago

Of course Sony is trying to artificially inflate the demand. Sony knows they are mass producing PS VR, and they are trying to stimulate it by making artificial shortages. Don't worry, they will be plenty around this Holiday.

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TheGreatObserver1815d ago

It appears I hit a nerve. Must be onto something pathetic fanboys

1816d ago
Xavy1816d ago

The hate keeps on going against the market leader but nothing stops this train =D

Aenea1816d ago

Where's the article saying MS is artificially inflating Xbox One S demand? Well???

Tsk, some people are just jealous...

Krakin11816d ago

That my friend, is a very good question.

Software_Lover1816d ago

Because this is an article (and I use that term very, very loosely) about PSVR and not Xbox One, or PS4, or NX, or Wii-u, or Vive, or Oculus.

It's always a fight with you people.

freshslicepizza1816d ago

this is the callateral damage of choosing sides.

we have no idea about real demand bewcause we have no idea of how many will be ready and how many will actually be sold. one thing we can all agree on is oculus rift did a poor job so far getting them out there and having a good relation with customers.

krypt19831815d ago

Gaming is in a sad state because of pathetic kids like you better yet the world is , nobody mentioned xbox in this article so why are you so butt hurt to even mention xbox grow up...

Aenea1815d ago

Aww come on, people are trying to dish PSVR for months now with stupid comments and articles and I seriously doubt they are being all that objective about it.

I mean, all this person goes off is that they are sold out everywhere but the same thing is happening to other items, like at this moment in time with the Xbox One S but (s)he is not talking about that. There's as much proof for that one being artificially inflated as the PSVR but somehow this article just goes after PSVR.

I'm sorry if I find that a tad fanboyistic from the author and call that out.

maniacmayhem1815d ago

Why don't you write one and submit it, since this has you worried so much.

Aenea1815d ago

It doesn't worry me one bit, what I rather dislike, however, is that people like this author love to attack PSVR with nonsense crap like this, there's no proof whatsoever, so why is this product singled out, yet another product that is having preorders selling out at the same time, from a competing brand, is not?

I find that a little fishy, is all...

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2cents1816d ago

So what if they are?
It's not illegal is it?
They all do it so certain degree, some more blatant than others. Bottom line, if they are not hurting anyone than no biggie.

Things like sales numbers, pre-order numbers are for exec's, shareholders and fanboys.
The rest of us just get on with the important stuff, like playing dem games!!!

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