11 Awesome Video Games Nobody Played

vgPWN: "Let's pour one out for these games that were awesome, but just didn't sell like gangbusters."

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popopdc1430d ago Show
scottypops1430d ago

Reckoning was AWESOME, i played the shit out of it on my PC. So fun.

Xavior_Reigns1429d ago

Absolutely! My only complaint was gathering all the armor pieces... so stupid.

RandomGamer1429d ago

I could never find a full set which was frustrating . Or by the time I did actually find one it was completely obsolete .

bouzebbal1429d ago

Fear Effect
Legend of Dragoon
Jade Cocoon
Auto Modellista
Parasite Eve

So much greatness not many played..

Kombatologist1429d ago

Parasite Eve was so awesome. I've heard great things about Fear Effect, too. Oddly enough, I have it in my collection but have never gotten around to playing it. :\

IamTylerDurden11429d ago

I wanted to like Amular, but i was disappointed with TM's artwork and the visual quality in general. It seemed like a low budget game, even though it wasn't. The decision to mimic WoW was a poor one, but combat was pretty good.

nucky641429d ago

agreed. I played the hell out of it too on my ps3

Shubhendu_Singh1429d ago

I have played KOA so much it's ridiculous. It was really good.

Though if anyone is picking it up, Please do NOT go in with completionist mentality.
The game though pretty and combat fun, is filled with way too many useless side quests...way way too many.
I think you would need more than 100hours to get across even normal side missions.

Indigon1429d ago

I played it on my PS3. It was a great game. The DLC was pretty fun too. Shame it wasn't the success it deserved to be.

XanderZane1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Yeah no kidding. The controls were some of the best I've ever played. Was completely surprised at how good it was. The only downside was maybe the story. Game was still lots of fun and a sleeper hit for me. I own all the games they've listed. Didn't miss out on any of those games.

i own all those games except Jade Cocoon. I also have Fear Effect 2.

bouzebbal1427d ago

Good, you are a boss in my eyes! You play the right things kid

XanderZane1427d ago

Thanks. I've been playing video games since 1978 though, so no where close to being a kid. If you played Colosssus Cave text adventure back in the late 1970's, then you've been gaming a long, long time. lol!!

Yukes1429d ago

Likewise, loved Amalur for the super slick combat alone. The story was instantly forgettable though.

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CocoaBrother1430d ago

I remember when my friend introduced me to Shenmue II years ago. I went out and bought myself Shenmue for my Dreamcast and Shenmue II for my Xbox. Still got them to this day.

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ikarodemon1429d ago

Nobody Played? Only in your mind.

LostDjinn1429d ago

I never played Earth bound. Played all the others (still own most of them)

SegaGamer1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Yet another terrible article by vgpwn, it doesn't help that they are another site that makes you go through multiple pages.

Millions of people played these games, some of them have a huge following. That site is quickly becoming one of those sites i want to avoid.

Majister-Ludi1429d ago

Absolutely amen brother will not be clicking that garbage again.