Six months with the Steam Controller

Come for the gyro, stay for the configs.

The gentle whine of the haptics, the new rumble support, those inner paddles that make toggling run and crouch so easy ... oh, and the one-click quick-save! Engadget may be in the minority, but that we love the Steam Controller.

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Antnee5342941d ago

It's to me a good controller for every game except shooters imo

ji32002941d ago

i think its the best controller for shooter IF you use it properly! i use right touch pad combination with Gyroscope to aim. Lot of people don't know how easy and fun to aim once you master it.

CaptainFaisal2941d ago

I tried and tried but couldnt master , how long did it take you to just feel comfortable with it? Its just annoying at this point

deerain2941d ago

Took me a few months to get used to the gyro now it just comes naturally without thinking about it.


I know I'll get a lot of hate for this but the truth is I had it for 2 days and I returned it to EB Games definitely not my Cuppa tea

deerain2941d ago

No hate, but you really have to persist but at the end of the day if your happier using an Xbox controller or PS4 controller then that's great too its what you like to play with you should use what you find more fun. What I don't like is when people say "I had it for a few days, hated it don't buy it its a waste of money" or "Xbox controller is way better don't waste your money" that doesn't help anyone make an informed choice.

Xristo2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I love the X1 controller and decided to purchase a Steam Controller this summer sale. If I had to associate it with something, I would compare it to switching from Apple to Android. At first, it feels less useful, cumbersome, and over-complicated. However, after using it this past week, I have learned that the customization, along with the ease of downloading profiles per game and many other options, have made this a damn good controller (superior if you can master it). Am I totally sold on it being "better" than the X1 controller? Not yet... from my personal experience, I still currently prefer the X1 controller (time will tell). But the potential, with it's 6(8) triggers (2 are double triggers) and features like motion control for precise aiming and leaning, make the Steam Controller a damn fine controller. That is if you can get past the initial foreign controls.... which I'm currently fighting.

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The Frustrating Failed Experiment That Was The Steam Controller

TheGamer Writes "I really tried with the Steam Controller. Valve's first foray into creating its own bespoke gamepad tailored specifically for PC gaming was, putting it mildly, poorly received. It launched in 2015, but by 2019 the company had quietly discontinued it. However, while everyone was gleefully dumping on it, I was determined to get my money's worth. I bounced off it immediately like everyone else, but I thought: Valve is smart."

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lonewolf10623d ago

They should of added some sort of center point on the right track pad, maybe a dip in the center or a slight bump, I think that could help in games for controllers?

Espangerish623d ago

They really just needed the second stick for me. A control scheme alone the lines of the deck would have been a big improvement

gamerz623d ago

Still use it for controlling my living room pc. Never liked it for games. One neat thing is the scroll-wheel function by dragging your finger around the perimeter of the left circlepad - clockwise for down, counter-clockwise for up.

IanTH623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

It's primary value truly is in games that don't support any kind of controller input. You can do a decent job of grafting something usable for games with only direct mouse input, like strategy games and the like, thanks to the touchpads.

Outside that? The customization is really quite excellent, but it is almost impossible to use in place of a traditional controller in a lot of circumstances. It's a nice niche option to have, but I was certainly never able to have it completely replace an XB or PS controller when a game called for one.

MadLad622d ago

I use mine all the time still.


Steam Deck Is Valve's Biggest Hardware Misses in One Convenient Package

Valve's newly revealed Steam Deck is the Frankenstein resurrection of two of their most notorious products, the Steam Link and the Steam Controller.

jjb19811097d ago

The same could be said about the Switch. It is a combination of the WiiU game pad and the nunchucks. Neither of those were incredible devices either but the refined combination of the two created a highly successful device.

Immagaiden1097d ago

The nunchuck was one of the most successful accessories in gaming. It made a ton of Wii games better

Notellin1097d ago

It was so good they immediately transitioned back to traditional control schemes after the novelty wore off from grandparents playing Wii bowling twice and ordering a Wii fit.

FallenAngel19841097d ago

@ Not

Wii U utilized nunchucks
Switch had a configuration that mimics the nunchuck configuration

Inverno1097d ago

Why does it feel like the media is trying to kill this thing before it gets a chance to even be released?

ScootaKuH1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Yeah I don't really get it. I know Valve have a sketchy history when it comes to hardware but to me it seems the Steam Deck gets far more right than it gets wrong.

Of course we've only seen games playing on prototype systems but already it seems really polished and well thought out. I have faith that the Steam Deck will be a success. I've reserved a 512gb model and the estimated availability is Q2 2022 (UK) so plenty of time to see how it progresses in the coming months. Right now I think it looks really promising, but if, when it launches it's not all that, then I'll cancel and I'll have lost nothing. If, on the other hand, it proves to be every bit as good as promised then I'll be happy to be in the queue 👍

Zeref1097d ago

Nintendo fans feel threatened by it because they didn't get a Switch Pro

King_Noctis1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

CBR is owned and operate by Nintendo fan? Wow.

Zeref1097d ago


I didn't say anything about CBR, don't put words in my mouth 😕

but at the same time yeah whoever wrote could be a Nintendo fanboy

MadLad1097d ago

Because gamers seem excited and games "journalists" get off on being contrarian.

derek1097d ago

I see the exact opposite going on.

annoyedgamer1097d ago

Because its open source. And the media like closed systems that they can control through proxy.

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