Valve Patents New Steam Controller With Swappable Parts

Valve has filed a patent that mentions a new Steam controller with swappable parts. Check out the patent and an early image of it.

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THC CELL197d ago

No controller looks better than duelsense 5

Michiel1989196d ago

I think thats the name of a remote vibrator ;)

RedDevils196d ago

So are you using it for your VJ?

RedDevils195d ago

Come on do I really spell it out, it a bit in apporiate here lol

IRetrouk196d ago

It's just called the dualsense, no number.

King_Noctis196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Look isn’t always everything. Some people prefer comfort and usability over look. Plus, people have different hand sizes, so there is always a market for big and bulky controllers.


To me the Dualsense looks very comfortable to use, but there are always other people that think otherwise and would prefer something like this Steam controller and find this controller more comfortable.

IRetrouk196d ago

You dont think the new controller looks comfortable and usable?

IRetrouk196d ago

Ahh ok cool, get what you mean now👍

Nitrowolf2196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

eh each to their own.

I love the design of the Dualsense but that's cause it's taking inspiration from what's on the market but improving on it.

IRetrouk196d ago

Yeah, mainly the dualshock 4

Silly gameAr196d ago

Come on man.This isn't about the dualsense.

excaliburps196d ago

That sounds like a superhero's ability. XD

Immorals196d ago

Dualsense (there's no 5) looks tacky as hell in its current colours

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Vits196d ago

That is good. The Steam Controller is great for games that are normally not that good to be played on a controller. Aiming is much better with the touch pad than with a analog and the dual touch-pad make RTS and other management games much more playable.

However when it comes to other genres like third person action games or platformers. This controller is just bad. So having the option of swapping the touch pads to a simple cross shaped D-pad or another analog stick would likely make it the most versatile controller out there.

But if they indeed make a second generation with such improvements. I hope that they also improve the build quality of the unit. It's solid enough as it is, but the glossy plastic feels cheap when put side by side to the XOne's Controller or the DS4.

excaliburps196d ago

Imagine if we can use this on consoles. Would make playing MOBAs easier. Well, there are KBM but I don't like sitting on a desk. :D

SLiSH83196d ago

Cool I’ll pick up the V2 when it comes out

IRetrouk196d ago

Has anyone used the steam controller yet? Was thinking of buying one for my daughters laptop but wasnt sure about them, how does it feel compared to the xbox and ps pads?

Giblet_Head196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I own one. Had for it for years. It's decent. Highly customizable binds. Good control with FPS, RTS, MOBAs and Racing. Best way to emulate a keyboard and mouse interface from a controller design, and for older games like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series it's the only feasible way to play those games without an actual keyboard and mouse. It does have a learning curve however, but in the hands it's comfortable.

IRetrouk196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Thank you very much for the info, I appreciate it, I have been thinking of getting into pc gaming proper(got my daughter a gaming laptop for christmas and now I want one lol) the steam controllers look cool to me.

--bienio--196d ago

If this is true concept valve can blow away competition With one simple thing. Replace parts.

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