LIVE: Google Chrome Press Conference

The presentation begins with an explanation of Chrome, acknowledging that it's a complex product that is needed in an age when the Web has also become more complex. Example: Google Maps and add-on features like Street View, Google says the guts of the Browser - the core infrastructure of it - is still very much the same as it was a decade or more ago.

Google pushes simple use and a sophisticated core. Just look at how clean and simple the Google search page is. Google Chrome is built on the same idea - clean and simple to use. The browser, google says, is just another application and the company wants people to "forget" that they're using a browser.

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Young Puzzle3701d ago

ill give it a chance but until then its FIREFOX FTW!!!!

PopEmUp3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

you should, it much faster than FF, even tho FF FTW but this time if Chrome can fix all the bug in this beta and release the final built, then I might made Chrome my default browser