Anarchy Online is 15

As the years go by, the MMO genre is racking up quite a bit of tradition and indeed: history - a term not often associated with the digital gaming genre. There are titles out there - some of them like Blizzard's World of Warcraft known world-over, others less popular - which have acquired the status of a sort of living fossil, a working and breathing testimony to the beginning of MMOs. Funcom's Anarchy Online is one such game, and it has recently celebrated its 15th birthday - indeed eternity itself in MMO terms. To make things even sweeter, Anarchy Online is the first ever sci-fi MMO and by the looks of things, it is still going strong.

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Dixiedevil1814d ago

I remember getting this Day 1. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, launch fails I've ever seen. It wasn't playable for over a month and was just a choppy lagfest for months after. Funcom still sends me friggin emails. Heheh