The Escapist PAX 2008: Prince of Persia Demo Impressions and Announcement

The Escapist writes: "Ubisoft Montreal producer Ben Mattes began PAX's Prince of Persia presentation by addressing the developer's decision to introduce an entirely new Prince for the series. Mattes explained that they believed the trilogy that began with 2003's Sands of Time wasn't the only Prince of Persia tale worth telling. After a brief concept art trailer depicting the new Prince, Mattes launched into a gameplay demo.

The Prince's new world has a unique, painterly, slightly cel-shaded effect. Let me just state this right up front: the level I saw showed some of the most beautifully drawn and animated game artwork I've seen. The classical score that accompanied the Prince throughout was dramatic and evocative, and from the game's title screen to the demo's final moment, I was amazed at the quality of the overall presentation."

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