XboxGameZone: Prince of Persia Review

XboxGameZone writes: "One of the undisputed highlights of the previous generation was Ubisoft breathing new life into the Prince of Persia franchise. 'The Sands of Time' was a huge success, both critically and commercially, with unique acrobatic gameplay, a gripping storyline and a refreshing art style. The series seemed to lose its direction with the sequel, as 'Warrior Within' took on a more edgy and dark tone and the final chapter of the trilogy continued this approach of change. It almost seemed as though Ubisoft were unsure of how they wanted the series to be told, and they struggled to find the right way to tell the Prince's story. In this new generation, Ubisoft has once again reinvigorated the franchise, with a new world to save and a new Prince to control whilst keeping the sensational free-running inspired gameplay."

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