9 Video Games That Killed People In Real Life

vgPWN: "There have been many unfortunate gamers who have paid high prices for their passion."

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scottypops1810d ago

Video games don't kill people, stupid people kill people.

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guywazeldatatt1810d ago

Social research backs up the fact that video games are not correlated with violence. it's such bullshit. I conducted social research and am well versed in it.

scottypops1810d ago

All of these murders aren't because of games, they are because the people are mentally fucked

Fist4achin1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Some douche bags spoil it for the rest of us. Then the media gets into blaming games for all these deaths and violent acts. It's so annoying.

scottypops1810d ago

Not the games fault . Just shitty people

KillZallthebeast1810d ago

Obesity. The not so quiet mouth breathing killer

vork771810d ago

the last one is not really base on a video game its base off of creepy pasta

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The story is too old to be commented.