Five Games To Take Your Mind Off Brexit

A silly list of five games to help forget Britain leaving the EU.

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Jaedia2522d ago

Black Flag has been my solace this past week. :p

Cy2522d ago

Why would I want to forget? It makes me smile every time I think about crying globalists.

BuildTheWall2522d ago

As a U.S citizen I say piss on all of the E.U. leaders that are complaining or angry about Britain leaving. It was the choice of the British people to leave the E.U. & following their exit many more nations are thinking about leaving.

andrewsquall2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Just barely over half lol. Of course, you say it like it was a unanimous 98% to 2%.

Imagine a Jury letting somebody off cold murder in the US if 7 thought the person was Innocent and 5 thought guilty. You can't imagine it because it ISN'T allowed, even in the US, because that would be insane and stupid wouldn't it?

And don't worry, if it all goes to shit in the next 5 years, the politicians can all fall back on "well you voted for it" even though almost half of 4 countries total votes didn't.

DasTier2519d ago

There is literally nothing more democratic than what occurred, more people wanted to leave than remain.

Get over it.

FreeSpeech692522d ago

I love these special Snowflakes who think their opinions must be the majority opinion even though the majority just voted against it (1/3 of Brexit voters were Labour also).

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