Five Games To Take Your Mind Off Brexit

A silly list of five games to help forget Britain leaving the EU.

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Jaedia2942d ago

Black Flag has been my solace this past week. :p

Cy2942d ago

Why would I want to forget? It makes me smile every time I think about crying globalists.

BuildTheWall2942d ago

As a U.S citizen I say piss on all of the E.U. leaders that are complaining or angry about Britain leaving. It was the choice of the British people to leave the E.U. & following their exit many more nations are thinking about leaving.

andrewsquall2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Just barely over half lol. Of course, you say it like it was a unanimous 98% to 2%.

Imagine a Jury letting somebody off cold murder in the US if 7 thought the person was Innocent and 5 thought guilty. You can't imagine it because it ISN'T allowed, even in the US, because that would be insane and stupid wouldn't it?

And don't worry, if it all goes to shit in the next 5 years, the politicians can all fall back on "well you voted for it" even though almost half of 4 countries total votes didn't.

DasTier2940d ago

There is literally nothing more democratic than what occurred, more people wanted to leave than remain.

Get over it.

FreeSpeech692942d ago

I love these special Snowflakes who think their opinions must be the majority opinion even though the majority just voted against it (1/3 of Brexit voters were Labour also).

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EA Japan Exec Criticises Japanese Ratings Board

An executive of Electronic Arts Japan has criticised the Japanese video game ratings board for allowing upcoming action game Stellar Blade to be released uncensored while EA's own Dead Space was banned in the country.

CrimsonWing6990d ago

He’s got a point. If a game is M-Rated, which is the equivalent of an R rating, I don’t get why you need to censor anything. The rating is the indicator of the content and the age appropriate. If it’s appropriate for adults… why treat them like children? 🤷‍♂️

Eonjay89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

This is about gore... not about anything sexual. And specifically I think it is about the realistic depiction of gore. Unfortunately I don't know the nuance of the CERO board or how it is relevant their specific culture (as a prohibition on gore may transcend age) so I hesitate to make a statement. Can anyone else provide insight to what kind of gore is considered unacceptable?

CrimsonWing6989d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Yea, I know this is about gore, but thanks for pointing that out.

My point still stands, if a game is essentially rated for a mature audience then why censor for them as if they’re too young to view it? Makes no sense.

To answer your question: Decapitation, dismemberment, like… anything gore. They have been censoring that since CERO was established. Look up RE4 chainsaw decapitation or any MK games that made it there.

Cacabunga89d ago

EA Japan? Wtf never heard of that

ZwVw89d ago

Yet, the Oneechanbara series (y'know, the game with half-naked samurai females slicing up zombies to bloody pieces) get released in Japan uncensored.

The CERO ratings board is an equilibrium.

Smellsforfree89d ago

This confuses me since I've seen so many gory Japanese movies and anime. For example, Battle Royale.

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gold_drake89d ago

definitely has a point.

but .. its japan. are we really surprised?

VersusDMC89d ago

I don't know if the EA executive is going off the one close up of an arm being cut off in the demo. Maybe it's uncensored because it's the arm of a cyborg or it doesn't happen that often (didn’t see EVE dismemberment when killed in the demo) .

In the states there's a certain amount of swear words allowed to a PG13 movie before it is deemed R. So maybe it's the same in Japan for gore?

Eonjay89d ago

Yes I think you may be on to something. The violence is gory but I wouldn't call it gruesome.

Retroman89d ago

Ea Japan please make Knack 3
in the future

Eonjay89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Does EA Japan actually make games at all? Or are they just a regional publisher?

Retroman88d ago

I'm sorry Japan Studio made Knack


One Year Later, What Was The Point Of The Dead Space Remake

The remake teased an expanded universe, but now a sequel has no chance of delivering on it.

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isarai96d ago

Honestly i believe it was mainly as retaliation for the original devs breaking off and making colisto protocol. They've done this a few times, ignoring fan demands for the return of a belived ip until someone does it for them, then they retaliate by only then announcing an entry. Colisto protocol was announced and EA announced the remake shortly after, Session finally hit consoles and skate 4 was announced, shortly after Undisputed was shown off, talks started happening about a new fight night.

ZeekQuattro96d ago

I agree. Reminds me of when Inafune announced Mighty No.9 and the initial reaction of the game industry was that of celebration and suddenly Capcom said ohh shit we need to announce Mega Man 11. 😆 Still waiting for MM12 & the next X title.

isarai95d ago

Exactly, it's BS that pettiness has more power than demand for some reason.

Cacabunga95d ago

i liked the remake as much as the original.. it has so many improvements, the most noticeable to me was the seemless transition between levels which should be a must and a standard nowadays.
I cannot wait for the sequel's remake too.

Tacoboto95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

That's a very farfetched conspiracy.

Callisto Protocol was announced in February 2021 and Dead Space in July. They didn't just decide in March 2021 to "retaliate" by remaking from scratch Dead Space in under a two year timespan.

If anything, Callisto is the result of a has-been Creative Director whose only inspiration is his previous work, and EA took inspiration long before Callisto was known about from the insane success of the RE Remakes and endless calls at the time for the RE4 Remake.