AMD Screws Up As RX 480 Fails PCI-E Specifications, What Does This Mean For Gamers?

AMD Radeon RX 480 is currently the talk of the town for all the good reasons, until now. Reviewers have noticed the power consumption of the new card is very awkward as it tends to draw more power from the PCI Express slot than its 6 pin power connector. But how does this affect you? Badly.

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Software_Lover2913d ago

Wow. I'm waiting anyway (for the price gauging to stop on the 1080's or the release of the 490) so this doesn't affect me. I did think about a purchase though lol. I will wait longer.

dirkdady2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Well tbh the update in the post does admit that the card did pass certification already and has been certified as such.

It could be that the few reviewers that are claiming that the card draws in excess from the pcie slots may have a unique setup that resulted in abnormal readings.

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NecoTehSergal2913d ago

My Gigabyte 7970HD is starting to get grindy with one of the fans, I fear it's gonna fail on me soon, I'm just dying for a 490/490x to be released so I can replace it....Praying it comes out before my card flops over and dies.

Erik73572913d ago

gtx1070 any day over this

windblowsagain2913d ago

Clean up the Fan, Although it sounds like you don't care as your itching for a new card:)

NecoTehSergal2912d ago

@Wind - I'm planning on, when I can get off my ass, to take it apart, reapply the cooling paste and see if the fan can be re-adjusted to not be noisy - cause if not, then I'd have to probably order some stupid fan from China. lmao.

With the 480 just releasing though, if I get a job soon I'd just replace it with it. it's 40%'ish stronger and less demanding, and is future-proof for more recent games as it standalone does great with games Nvidia hasn't broken with their proprietary bullshit software and sabotaging practices (I'm looking at you, Witcher and Tomb Raider)

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OC_MurphysLaw2913d ago

Ummm.... " In the worst case scenario the motherboard would switch off. However with our Asus Z170-Deluxe in the test system, the Radeon RX 480 ran smoothly, and also with our MSI Z97 Gaming 3 there were no abnormalities. Nevertheless, the overload can theoretically lead to reboots or even damage, especially with overclocking."

So basically they are freaking out about a possibility that hasn't taken place yet.

From AMD “We have extensive testing internally on our PCIE compliance and RX480 passed our testing. However we have received feedback from some of the reviewers on high current observed on PCIE in some cases. We are looking into these scenarios as we speak and reproduce these scenarios internally. Our engineering team is fully engaged.”

Seems a bit like Chicken Little is running around claiming the sky is falling once again.

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ONESHOTV22913d ago

MSI Z97 i have the same MOBO very good for easy overclocking

Gh05t2913d ago

VW epa testing passed internally too. Just Saying, it either is what it says or it isn't. Right now multiple place are saying it draws more power than it should, even if it doesn't cause damage it is not what is expected.

Also those are two places just because they were able to run it with no problem during the tests just wait for thousands of people on different types of hardware and people trying to overclock, this could be serious, and it's not nothing.

kevnb2913d ago

I think people should just hold off until the models with better coolers come out anyway.

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jznrpg2913d ago

This is how short sellers cover their ass when the stock is set to go up with quarterly report and release near.