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IGN: Gran Turismo Sport: New Model, Original Parts

GT Sport gleams as the PS4's first GT game but it still seems to be wanting in familiar areas.

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Community2910d ago
-Foxtrot2910d ago

They are really better off at coming out and just saying this is not GT7...the fact they are trying to say it kind of is makes it a little more disappointing.

Every brand new ODD number game is supposed to be a huge jump for the franchise, this is coming off as an EVEN numbered game

MatrixxGT2910d ago

They could have taken all the cars from GT 5 and 6. Made them all premium, overhauled the tracks, make better engine sounds and it would have probably sold to every damn ps4 owner.

What i do like is the way they are handling "wreckers" and bad drivers.

Still can't help but feel this is just a fancy prologue.

Kyosuke_Sanada2910d ago

I agree Matrix, I have been waiting for a premium Toyota AE86 , Dome Zero and Toyota MR2 forever. I was also disappointed that the S13, which was premium in Gran Turismo 5 has now become a standard car in the sequel.

hay2910d ago

What are those non-GT fans doing here? GTFO whining to your mothers kids.

343_Guilty_Spark2910d ago

You will be dowvoted to hell even tho it's true.

nix2910d ago

He'll be downvoted because he's wrong. PD has never said it's GT7. And UC4, though even, was one of the better series.

JackBNimble2909d ago

Say's the xbox fangirl, you don't even own a ps4 so why do you care about GTsport? I guess you got to make your rounds trolling ps4 articles while you wait another 18 months for scorpio .

Hahaha ... have fun dreaming for the next year and a half.

ecchiless2910d ago

This one is not GT7 is GT Sport.... rly guys since the presentation in PGW we already knew that the focus of this iteraction was around the FIA, so is not gonna be your "usual" GT, is more focused in online competitions and FIA championships.

Speak_da_Truth2910d ago

Here's a video of Kaz himself saying ppl shouldn't expect a GT7 after GTS as GTS is GT7.

nX2910d ago

^So you seem to think the next Gran Turismo will be named GT8, despite there never being an actual GT7 ...?

Dixiedevil2910d ago

I'm sure this was made more for the PSVR than as a regular GT release.

Obscure_Observer2910d ago

"According to franchise overlord Kazunori Yamauchi, GT Sport offers a level of innovation not seen since the original Gran Turismo, and it has reportedly been stripped and rebuilt from scratch for its PS4 debut.

But while that may well be the case, it certainly feels for now as if it’s all been put back together in largely the same way."

Good. I think it´s time for Yamauchi to be exposed. GT fans deserves better!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2910d ago

That demo they showed was really rough. Pop in and screen tearing all over the place. Cant imagine why they'd show the game in such a state.

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XDefiant dev addresses community outrage following “horrible” mastery camo update

Mark Rubin, executive producer for XDefiant, has since gone on X (formerly Twitter) to address the outpouring of complaints.

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Community3h ago

Elden Ring Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki Talks Shadow of the Erdtree, New Weapons and More

The Dark Souls creator spoke to journalists about Elden Ring lore, poison swamps and why the DLC's villain is so handsome.

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Community1d 2h ago

Spectrum Studio Boss in Hot Water as "Naked Sauna" as Part of Employees' Requirements Surface

Spectrum Studios is in hot water, as part of their job requirements involve "attending sauna sessions" that are "non-negotiable."

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Community1d 3h ago
rippermcrip1d 2h ago

Hopefully their next game isn't about a murderer and they require employees to kill to someone to have a real understanding.

excaliburps1d ago


But you can't develop a game with sauna elements UNLESS you've been in a sauna with a game dev...preferably naked.

peppeaccardo7h ago

I think they got commissioned the next Leisure Suite Larry .... :P

H91d 1h ago

He is right you need to experience something to be able to write about it just like Tolkien threw himself in mount doom to understand Sauron and like Agatha Christie organized a death game on a remote island

Inverno1d ago

Ah yes I read that news outlets were picking up on this string of facebook posts. Easy to write about some random conversation on FB without much context. Let's see how long it takes for them to talk to the devs directly for clarification. I'm sure these sites will drag this out as long as they can painting this guy as a creep. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.

excaliburps1d ago

Have you read his replies?? He is even explaining how his rationale is correct...

Inverno1d ago

Yes I've read the replies. But if sites are gonna write about this they should do their jobs as journalist and get in contact with one of the woman who works in the studio.

swedishMeatwad21h ago

Why would it only be a big deal for women? I wouldn't want to be required to sauna naked, wouldn't work at a place like that. Really strange that owner is defending this. Since the owner is involved in those communications, that's enough to write an article about. That's not to say they shouldn't reach out to them and any employees willing to talk but this is freakin' weird.

OtterX5h ago

@swedishMeatwad Right? Because if they really felt uncomfortable, they should have at the very least been allowed to wear a bikini or underwear under their towel. If the Owner demands that they get the real experience to better know the Sauna world, they should at least be offered the protection from creepers trying to look up their towel. It's same exact experience if they were slightly covered underneath. Demanding that they be nude is too much, especially if he's insinuating that they should be comfortable with removing their towel.

Inverno5h ago

It's not only a big deal for women, but do you think this would've been picked up if it were only men being pushed to go to a naked sauna? Do you think the FB post would've even been made of it were only men?

Hofstaderman23h ago