IGN: Gran Turismo Sport: New Model, Original Parts

GT Sport gleams as the PS4's first GT game but it still seems to be wanting in familiar areas.

-Foxtrot2887d ago

They are really better off at coming out and just saying this is not GT7...the fact they are trying to say it kind of is makes it a little more disappointing.

Every brand new ODD number game is supposed to be a huge jump for the franchise, this is coming off as an EVEN numbered game

MatrixxGT2887d ago

They could have taken all the cars from GT 5 and 6. Made them all premium, overhauled the tracks, make better engine sounds and it would have probably sold to every damn ps4 owner.

What i do like is the way they are handling "wreckers" and bad drivers.

Still can't help but feel this is just a fancy prologue.

Kyosuke_Sanada2886d ago

I agree Matrix, I have been waiting for a premium Toyota AE86 , Dome Zero and Toyota MR2 forever. I was also disappointed that the S13, which was premium in Gran Turismo 5 has now become a standard car in the sequel.

hay2886d ago

What are those non-GT fans doing here? GTFO whining to your mothers kids.

343_Guilty_Spark2886d ago

You will be dowvoted to hell even tho it's true.

nix2886d ago

He'll be downvoted because he's wrong. PD has never said it's GT7. And UC4, though even, was one of the better series.

JackBNimble2886d ago

Say's the xbox fangirl, you don't even own a ps4 so why do you care about GTsport? I guess you got to make your rounds trolling ps4 articles while you wait another 18 months for scorpio .

Hahaha ... have fun dreaming for the next year and a half.

ecchiless2886d ago

This one is not GT7 is GT Sport.... rly guys since the presentation in PGW we already knew that the focus of this iteraction was around the FIA, so is not gonna be your "usual" GT, is more focused in online competitions and FIA championships.

Speak_da_Truth2886d ago

Here's a video of Kaz himself saying ppl shouldn't expect a GT7 after GTS as GTS is GT7.

nX2886d ago

^So you seem to think the next Gran Turismo will be named GT8, despite there never being an actual GT7 ...?

Dixiedevil2887d ago

I'm sure this was made more for the PSVR than as a regular GT release.

Obscure_Observer2886d ago

"According to franchise overlord Kazunori Yamauchi, GT Sport offers a level of innovation not seen since the original Gran Turismo, and it has reportedly been stripped and rebuilt from scratch for its PS4 debut.

But while that may well be the case, it certainly feels for now as if it’s all been put back together in largely the same way."

Good. I think it´s time for Yamauchi to be exposed. GT fans deserves better!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2886d ago

That demo they showed was really rough. Pop in and screen tearing all over the place. Cant imagine why they'd show the game in such a state.

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Istanbul based developer teases new game based on Turkish mythology

Shadowfall Studios have announced via X.com the studio is now an official PlayStation partner.

darksky18h ago


Looks like a Skyrim clone. Very interesting if done well.

17h agoReplies(3)
Terry_B17h ago

Is there even one good game created in the Turkey so far?

PitbullMonster17h ago

Metin 1&2 and the Mount and Blade Series are the most known ones.

Michiel198917h ago

Metin ....how dare you name that in the same sentence with the word "good"

Cacabunga14h ago

Crytek says hi.. learn before posting

Zeke6812h ago

"Crytek was founded by the Turkish-German brothers Cevat, Avni and Faruk Yerli in September 1999 in Coburg, Germany."

So he's right, Crysis games are not made IN Turkey... ;)

Terry_B8h ago

Just as Zeke mentioned..Crytek is a German developer, created by a turkish guy who lives there, was probably born there.

What I meant are games completely made in the country

MrNinosan5h ago

3 turkish guys, not 1.

ghostliving4h ago

-Mount & Blade: Warband
-Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
-Anomaly Agent
-Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
-Cardboard Town

S2Killinit9h ago

What is turkish mythology? They don't have a mythology of their own. Unless we are going to rewrite history? Can someone fill us in on what mythology turkey has.

Eonjay7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

It could mean folklore, proverb, or even fairytale like Jack and the magic beanstalk. It could even just be lore about historical figures like you even see in American culture like Jonny Appleseed (a real person whose life story was mythologized).

S2Killinit6h ago

I see. I was thinking in terms of actual deities. But that makes sense.

purple1014h ago

You know that thing called google. (Or DuckDuckGo, depending on preference 😏)

Have a go at it sometime. It’s good


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XDefiant dev promises fix to frustrating hit reg issues, though players remain skeptical

Mark Rubin, XDefiant’s executive producer, responded to an X/Twitter post that fixes to hit reg “are something [they] are working on.” Unfortunately, it’s unclear when it will arrive, as neither Rubin nor the development team have yet to provide an actual time frame.