'Neverwinter' is coming to PS4 next month

Perfect World Entertainment announced plans Wednesday to bring Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter to PlayStation 4 in mid-July. Carrying a PS4 releas...

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chobit_A5HL3Y2403d ago

if this game plays like tera or blade and soul, consider me super excited D:

ecchiless2403d ago

"if this game plays like tera or blade and soul"

MCTJim2403d ago

Its a good D&D game. I've enjoyed it...and free to play is even better.

MasterCornholio2403d ago

Oh cool. I'll guess I'll try it out then on my PS4.

Broomfondle2403d ago

Will this be pay to win like other Perfect World games I have been suckered into?

Cueil2403d ago

No... it's actually the opposite if you're savvy enough... play the market on Zen and Astral Diamond trade and you can be sitting pretty... I've turned 10 bucks of investment into well over 100 bucks by playing the system and buying keys and selling them for astral diamonds...get VIP it's the 10 buck investment that will pay for itself in a week

Broomfondle2402d ago

So you're saying it's pay to win.

DC7772403d ago

Doesn't even look like what I played at launch years ago. Hope they fixed the ugly character models and lack of new gear by now.

Cueil2403d ago

there is a ton of gear... they fixed a lot of issues with the console version... really wish it was cross play... would like to play my Xbox characters on my PS4 with my PSN friends

DC7772403d ago

Hope so. I actually liked the game quite a bit.

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