Sonic the Hedgehog: 2D or 3D — Which is Better?

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Sonic Team has officially confirmed that its next Sonic game will be coming sometime next year, with a formal reveal set to take place in a month. One popular discussion that always seems to come up between members of the fandom is whether the blue hedgehog should continue speeding along in the world of 3D, or bring it back to the basics of 2D. As we await the reveal of the new Sonic game, what are you hoping it's going to be: a 2D retro-revival, or a speedy 3D adventure?

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ShinRon894d ago

They all suck now but the only good games are the early 2d ones...

Sonic fans are happy to buy whatever trash has his face and name on it anyway so its all moot.

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thejigisup894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Sonic adventure was amazing and a great direction to take the series in. Its a shame they never really fully realized the potential of the franchise imo. I'd love to see an absolutely mind bogglingly fast 3d game something very close over the shoulder camera(think velocibox or burnout paradise), Less of an emphasis of complex platforming, I want huge open zones that lead to large areas that have multiple paths, lessen the dynamic camera effects(at times it was a little disorienting), give me 2 playable characters(sonic and knuckles) a fast and punishing combat system that is fully fleshed out and does not break the pacing of each level. Since sonic isn't known for his fighting skills i'd like to see a minimalist approach that is sleek, almost cinematic(think naruto, asuras wrath and dbz combined). I want to see some kicks, some flips, some spin attacks, give me the ability to run in circles and create a tornado, and allows me to seamlessly transition from a combat mode to travel mode. I want collectibles that are both cosmetic and effect gameplay, super shoes, gauntlets, chaos emeralds, etc. I want animated cutscenes with an engaging story that makes sense. New game + where i can play as super sonic, hyper sonic, darkspine sonic, metal sonic, shadow, I also want a return of the chao as a minigame with crossplay on the vita give me in game rewards for properly managing my little chao ranch. Give us an experience that is truly an evolution of sonic in a positive way. Obviously my ideas are just absurd and way off from where the series has originated but i just dont get why its taken so long and will probably take longer for a game that really leads speed running games and evolves the genre. I want sonic to return and surpass his former glory.

KentBenMei894d ago

2D by far. Sonic Colors DS is probably the last game from the series I truly enjoyed. Only Sonic Adventure series was much good for the true 3D games.

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