Strange RX 480 Benchmarks Leaked, Here's How It Compares With A GTX 970

The first official gaming performance results of AMD’s Radeon RX 480 graphics card were leaked by Videocardz. The performance results were originally posted by A Polish magazine by the name of CD-Action but have since been removed due to it violating their Non Disclosure Agreement with AMD. But we caught it for you.

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Software_Lover2915d ago

So, will the 970 drop in price? It almost has to, but doesn't at the same time.

Eonjay2915d ago

It probably depends on the cost of manufacturing it. There could be a case where it is actually more expensive to make than the new higher performing cards.

dirkdady2915d ago

Doubt it will go down much for the 970 to Match the 480 as the main reason for its $200 price is due to its 14mn FinFET GPU

UltimateMaster2915d ago

With AMD, you get great performance for the price ever since they launched direct x12.
It didn't affect positively NVIDIA cards tough, even loosing some power due to the inclusion of V-sync, not a lot but it is noticeable.
NVIDIA on the other hand grants you some superior graphics that they locked on their cards.
Let's face it. Microsoft helped AMD a lot with direct x12. Probably to get better pricing on their console?
It just bad for NVIDIA that tries hard to sell their cards when Microsoft's API gives great advantage of one company over another. It's not what I would call a fair competition.

Death2915d ago


Isn't the API used the choice of both NVidia and AMD? It would only be unfair if there was an exclusive agreement between AMD and Microsoft, but there isn't. Nvidia simply chooses to focus much more on a different standard.

dcbronco2915d ago

Ultimate you're not remembering things correctly. It was AMD that guided DX12 and Vulkan to asynchronous compute with Mantle. What AMD did was a very intelligent move to push the industry forward and to their way of thinking at the same time. If NVIDIA eventually comes up short, and I believe they will, it is their fault for being less innovative. This is the history of business once again repeating itself. A seeming underdog innovates and changes the the industry works. It is the natural order of things.

rigo85822915d ago

For brand new probably not but GTX 970 are going for around $200 on ebay.

Kleptic2915d ago

Dcbronco: exactly

API's rule the PC industry; it is EXACTLY how Nvidia and AMD/ati remained to begin with...both were getting slaughtered by 3DFX and voodoo cards in the late 90's, but some shifts in API acceptance had both eat up a huge part of what 3dfx controlled with the glide api, and Nvidia literally bought them a year later...

technically, vulkan is mantle 2.0 more or less...but DX12 was also heavily influenced by it, and MS partnered with AMD to develop it.

As far as the gpu makers; the 'api used' is not so much chosen by the gpu manufacturers, but more like they bet on which api will be the most widely used by developers...it gets messier when they meddle with the publisher for 'optimized' claims...but overall Nvidia has very strongly bet on hardware setups that brute force the more traditional DX11.x type api's...and has very much struggled to get a lot of footing the newer 'console like' api options for PC...

and that makes sense...AMD sells both gpu's and cpu's...in the cpu side of things, they are drastically outpaced by Intel and locked out by instruction standards that aren't going anywhere....but these new api's, more than anything, significantly reduce cpu overhead (that is what most people seem to miss, vulkan and DX12 are better for cpu's, not gpu's)...AMD very much should be pushing that tech, as it makes their own cpu's, which are far more affordable, have way higher value for gaming...and also helps their apu front (as they also have relatively weak cpu's compared to what intel offers for 3x the price)...

anyway, the 480 is state of the art from a manufacturing standpoint, and that is a huge reason for its cost...the 970 isn't, its a powerful gpu built on older die-sizes...but those lines don't drop in per unit costs the same way. The 1100 series of Nvidia will be when Nvidia really shows what direction they're going...the 1000 series are crazy powerful, but also not overly focused on newer api's or low cost manufacturing in the same style as AMD.

nveenio2915d ago

I've purchased one AMD card in my life, and I don't think I ever will again. I don't care how cheap they are. I use their CPUs, though.

AndrewLB2914d ago

Some of you guys have some pretty outlandish ideas about DX12 API and where it came from...


"What is the relationship between Mantle and DirectX® 12?

​There is no direct relationship, but we support and celebrate a direction for game
development that is aligned with AMD’s vision of lower-level, "closer to the metal" graphics APIs for PC gaming. While industry experts expect this to take some time, developers can immediately leverage efficient API design using Mantle.​"


"What are the similarities between Mantle and DirectX® 12?

​DirectX®12 is Microsoft’s own creation, though its development has been steered by
input from many different technology partners including AMD."

And no, Huddy's claim is not undisputed. Microsoft has said plenty of times they had been working on it for over 4 years and so has Nvidia, Intel and Qualcomm. Microsoft also very directly said that there WOULD be another DX, right after Taylor said it wouldn't.

There's also the fact that Mantle itself is based on console APIs, that is, based on Xbox One API mostly (which is why Mantle is Windows only), in which DX12 is also based on, more than likely.

There's a reason that AMD's own FAQ does not repeat the lies said by Huddy et al in unnofficial statements and/or interviews or blogs. There's no legal implications on the latter (which they make sure to make clear in such statements btw), and no direct link to AMD.

EDIT: And of course further evidence is the fact that DX12 was shown a mere 3 mosnths after Mantle was released and both Nvidia and Intel had drivers. Not to mention Nvidia's Fermi and Kepler already supporting its low level features and maxwell being full compliant. If you pretend to know anything about tech, you should know that drivers are not made in 3 months, not to mention hardware, that takes 4-5 years from inception to actual products

RegorL2914d ago

@UltimateMaster DX12 was first shown on Nvidia Titan running Forza

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Erik73572915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

"RX 480 running at 1266MHz was slightly slower than an overclocked GTX 970, but it does beat the reference model."

The game settings also were NOT detailed for the games tested also so don't take this test so seriously yet

And the gtx970 does better in other games, 10 fps in two of them and one exact same fps but thats not good when its a 100 dollars more.

They will probably do a 50 dollar price cut in 3-4 months, I would pick the gtx970 after that because of better support with drivers and sponsorships with other games and getting features that run well on nvidia cards and not amd.

FlameBaitGod2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

We still don't have official benchmarks relax and we are going to see benchmarks with stock coolers(that GTX970 is overclocked + cost $330 and the AMD isn't + cost $200). When other companies release their own cards they will run better plus we need to know on what drivers these cards where running on. I can tell your an Nvidia fanboy but its ok.

Nathan_Hale532914d ago

Better support with drivers? Nvidia loves to give less support to older cards.

Dragonking0072915d ago

It already dropped price last i checked went from 300 something to 270? Forgot precise price but i dont recall seeing it that cheap.

Lon3wolf2915d ago

It did drop about a week ago.

MK24ever2915d ago

I think none of these benchmarks are using the latest drivers for it, so yeah... let's wait and see..

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Omnislashver362915d ago

I'll likely just wait on the r490, I want a card with GDDR5X or HBM on it.

thekhurg2915d ago

Just can't leave nvidia in my experience they've always supplied better drivers.

Software_Lover2915d ago

I keep hearing that but I have not had any issues with either of them. Maybe because I just don't pay attention to the details and I don't benchmark my rig.

I went from 9800gx2, to gtx 460, to hd 6950, to hd 7950, to gtx titan black. I should have never sold my titan black rig :( I haven't had any know issues that I can think of. I want the new 1080 but I'm really interested in what these new AMD cards can do for the price.

Fishy Fingers2915d ago

It's not so much that AMD drivers cause issues. Rather Nvidia just manage to squeeze more out of the hardware then AMD through theirs. The days of 'broken' AMD drivers are behind us, but Nvidia still do it better. Either way, both are offering great performance for price these days.

Kleptic2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

It's funny to me mostly because my very first discrete 3d card was an Nvidia Riva 128 in 1997, back when everything was 3dfx or gtfo...and it's driver support was abysmal...Had to wait almost a year before OpenGL support arrived to work properly with Quake 2 and QGL. I was nvidia only all the way up to Vista, and driver support then is not exactly something i'd call...stable...either.

My 280x is the very first AMD/ATI product I ever owned...bought it summer of 2013...and have yet to have a single driver related problem with it (other than a conflict with win 10 still trying to force download amd drivers at random times, but I at least stopped it from installing them)...that includes mantle on BF4, all the 'bad' ogl support for Rage and Wolf: NO and OB as well as Doom...it has performed perfectly on everything i've thrown at it, especially considering it's architecture from 2011...

Just depends on experience I guess...I gave up on PC last gen; Vista was a joke and both consoles walked all over anything PC related for over half of it...that has changed significantly over the past couple of years, but I don't have any modern experience with nvidia to know how much 'better' it is...but, I wouldn't hold them up on the pedestal that many seem to, that's for sure...

xGrunty2914d ago

For me it's never been an issue of driver support on one over the other, but customer support from different brands. EVGA has an AMAZING SUPPORT TEAM, and ever since I just have chosen to stick by them. I'll pay the price for better support with my parts, that's for sure. :) I do think this generation of cards is very intriguing on how closely they are performing though.

Nathan_Hale532914d ago

AMD is on their level if not a notch behind, I am leaving once the AIB's come out. I haven't had issue's with the AMD PC's I have built.

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Dragonking0072915d ago

I expect that to be around 350 to 400 dollars but still, itl be hefty beast.


Saving to get my first gaming pc. Im very ignorant to tech. Life long hardcore console gamer. How often does the average gamer replace cards? Is it around a 4 year cycle depending on software? Thnx if anyone answers

UltraNova2915d ago

Dead devil,

There's no clear cut answer. It depends on a lot of factors, mainly motherboard choice that will affect future upgradeability, so in essence it boils down to picking up a good future proof moth/rd and a decent relativly high end GPU that will last you until you cant run new games at your prefered settings.

Say you want 60+fps on all games @1440p and all settings at high or ultra then you will have to get a 980ti or Fury x and above. Keep in mind that each year you will have to drop settings to keep the affortmentined performance so it depends on your personal preferences.

My advice to you would be; mid- high level performance for the next 3-4 years? Get a 980ti or fury x. High to ultra level? Wait for the 1080ti and AMD Vega GPUs.

Forget sli or crosf, too unstable.

Nathan_Hale532914d ago


Whenever you feel it needs to be replaced. RX 480 is a good place to start.