The Escapist Review: Order Up!

The Escapist writes: "In the kitchen, my culinary abilities have always been a little lacking. Creating tasty dishes in the virtual realm holds more appeal; evidently, my cooking skills reign supreme when a controller is involved. Cooking titles are still an emerging genre on the console and handheld gaming market, but they ingeniously give non-chefs a taste of what it's like to create something more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or microwave pizza. While Cooking Mama established a solid baseline for videogame food crafting, Order Up! for the Wii kicks things up a notch.

Rather than focusing solely on completing recipes to methodical perfection via a series of food prep minigames, Order Up! has you running your own restaurant and dealing with the chaos that comes along with such an endeavor. You'll have to manage tables, cook multiple meals simultaneously, deal with staff, dole out assorted tasks, earn money to improve your greasy dive, and try to impress the local food critic, all while contending with a steady influx of unusual patrons looking for some good eats. Firing off meals for customers in a bustling kitchen with incoming orders and other problems - such as unannounced visits from the health inspector, kitchen fires, and rat infestations - makes for some exciting cooking action."

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