7 tips on “Gettin Gud” at Fighting Games!

Fighting games are a damn tough genre to break into, so much to learn from characters and combo systems to the small intricate details of each title. It can all be a bit overwhelming so I am here to help you to get gud at fighting games!

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XxNxWxOxX1784d ago

I have needed this is my life since the original Mortal Kombat

nitus101783d ago

Actually, the article is pretty good (IMHO) although I personally have never really liked pure fighting games. I do however like the Souls and Bloodborne series and am quite reasonable playing them although I could "git bttr". 😉

JakeNoseIt1784d ago

I swear by Injustice being the most accessible fighting game out there. Play Injustice!

JackGash1784d ago

Injustice is a very accessible fighting game, It takes the mechanics of MK9 and expands on them in interesting ways. I would say Injustice and Mortal Kombat are among the more accessible.

BenXavier131784d ago

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeah. I need to do ALL THE THINGS on here lol Minus the salty, I've never been that guy when it comes to video games.

thomasprince23261783d ago

Makes me feel happy knowing that I do most of these.

1783d ago