Some Great Kickstarter Funded Games to Grab on the Steam Summer Sale

Bryan Rumsey writes: "Kickstarter funding has led to some really great titles over the years so why not buy a couple while they are cheap. Steam is doing one of their bi-yearly sales and plenty of games can be found at spectacular prices."

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garyanderson1819d ago

Goes to show that Kickstarter isn't all scams and disasters

Blacklash931819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Yeah, you always hear about the failures of Kickstarter projects, but there actually have been a good number of successes.

This list also missed a some games like the three Shadowrun titles, Banner Saga, Broken Age, Wasteland 2, and Darkest Dungeon. I only have some of them, but I know they were all at least pretty well-received.

There's also some promising ones on the horizon that look like they're shaping up nicely so far, such as Bloodstained and We Happy Few.

Hoffmann1819d ago

Why are all the consoles listed there as tags when this is about the Steam Summer Sale?

Xristo1819d ago

"7 Days To Die" isn't listed, which is another good Kickstarter game on sale.

slappy5081819d ago

Shovel Knight, I think I would dig it