8GB Memory Stick Duo

8GB Memory Stick

Sony has gone one step beyond and will be releasing a 8 Giga Byte stick next February. It will cost around $300.

Get Ready to store all those PS1 games onto your PSP's!

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EaziG5240d ago

To be honest I would agree with you there.
$300 does seem high. but it IS for 8GB on a tiny card.
Still, i'm actually gonna wait for Sandisc to bring out their own one, which will be just as good and much cheaper.

btw, does the best prices i've found for memorycards of all types, you can get a 4GB for about £73.99.
and a 1GB as low as £16.99, so you'll no doubt be able to find a 8GB for much cheaper than the price thats assumed in the article

Liquid Ocelot5240d ago

it does seem expensive but it is 8gbs that is a lot of memory

THAMMER15240d ago

WTF that is more than the PSP. Oh crap when will people learn.

CAPS LOCK5240d ago

i saw a 4gb memory stick on ebay for 40 pounds, so this one would probably cost like around 70 or 80 pounds.

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