Microsoft's Console Strategy Could Spell the End for Xbox

This move makes life much more difficult for game studios. It’s tough enough developing a game for the Xbox One without having a second version that supports HDR graphics and a third version whose buyers not only expect native 4K graphics, but also other benefits of the monster CPU, such as smarter artificial intelligence. That’s more design work, more code and much more testing.

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Zediz849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

Then the same will happen with the PS4,right?
Remembering Xbox S is only XO Slim that makes upscaling for 4k e have bluray UHD. That is in no way changes the development of the game.

Sonyslave3849d ago

i know right love how they leave Neo out lol hell take the Tales games it PS4,PS3, PC each console or device have it strength pc being the strongest and ps3 the weakest yet Namco have no probably what so ever.

artisin849d ago

The Neo is mentioned in the article. But Sony isn't releasing TWO consoles, but likely just a slightly more powerful console that handles VR.

Goldby849d ago


Handles VR Better*

Fixed your comment :)

Babadook7849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

Yeah Neo is different. It has great exclusives not on PC. Neo is coming a lot sooner and at a lower price. Neo will get decent sales with its headstart and affordable price which will lead to decent support from third parties. Affordable 4K bluray and VR are nice bonuses too.

Edit: And in terms of the power gap. You literally won't notice. The neo will be the primary target for devs. With Neo likely coming to 4.6 Tflops expect games to run 1440p there. What will devs do for Scorpio's additional 30% more gpu power at ~6 tflops? Well, 1440p plus 30% higher pixels. Or 1640p Wow. You won't notice that. Like at all. And I know most of you don't understand how this works but those are the numbers you will get. Because of diminishing returns you'll need a magnifying glass to spot a difference between 1440p and 1640p on your 4K tv. Nevermind that there won't be a difference on a 1080p tv. Sony has played their cards so right this gen and it just continues. But hey bragging rights will be had for those who waited for the more expensive yet less supported Scorpio. :D

Zediz849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

Xbox S is only XO Slim that makes upscaling for 4k e have bluray UHD. That is in no way changes the development of the game.which is the same situation Ps4.

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S2Killinit849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

You are missing the point. Why buy a console when you can play the same games on PC, tablets, and phones? Why console game? Soon the tablets will be strong enough and then say bye bye to your consoles.

OmnislashVer36849d ago

The only thing I'm noticing with MS is they're willingly throwing themselves into the Dreamcast scenario... 2 years after, PS5 will be out, no devs will cater to Scorpio, and any lead they have will be diminished.

If they release an update to play PS5 level games (Xbox three?) They'll have abandoned Scorpio users. Unless they plan on Scorpio (X2) being the 1080p model and X3 being the 4k model.

It may or may not work out for them... the perfect 4:1 scale of 4k gives them some longevity, somewhat.

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UltimateMaster849d ago

PlayStation is still going to be around for a very long time. They have real exclusive games that cannot be played anywhere else.
Microsoft on the other hand is simply helping Steam grow. Granted, their goal is to steal marketshare from Steam but that is not what's happening.
Now they'll say, "but you can only buy our games on our store" True. PC gamers love to have the reassurance that they can get the game at any time, but it doesn't mean that they will buy them all.

In order for PC gamers to really enjoy Microsoft games, they would need to open up their policies including allowing mods and hacks. Then the Xbox console fans will hate the fact people cheat online, it's a no win situation if they do it.

It's still going to be relevant in the US, but globally their share of the market is going to be significantly dwarfed. It will loose it's console sales even faster than before since people won't find a reason to own One.

Microsoft should put up a fight. PC is not exclusive to Microsoft even tough they own the OS.
Unless they have future plans to make it exclusive to their store and restrict games sites like Steam, they will loose money on all 3Rd party games they could have earned.

GameNameFame848d ago

Sony still has great line up of exclusive. You know you need playstation to play them.

Unlike Xbox which you dont need it to play its games.

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Gitgud849d ago

PS4 neo is gonna be just a fookin slim. All of you lot who are hyping it too be some scorpio will be disappointedl. It'll be a faster PS4 with 4k video, nothing more.

S2Killinit849d ago

That is correct. The scorpio equivalent will be the PS5.

Not sure what to think about MS's decision to cut this generation short only after 3 years!

thisgamer503849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

If Neo doesn't release until mid 2017 and scorpio releases holiday 2017 then that is close enough for same gen. Which means the Scorpio will wipe the floor with Neo. If Neo comes out this year, that argument could ALMOST work if it wasn't full of so much fanboy logic. 2 consoles coming out within a year of each other=same gen. Spin it however you like. Remember how the ps3 released a year after the xbox 360? Were they not the same gen?

joab777849d ago

I agree. That's why I've always been in favor of it. Scorpio will essentially be a next gen leap for Xbone owners. It will split the base and devs will beg to harness it's power.

Here's the crux. Why would you buy a Scorpio if you could just build a PC and have access to all xbox's and PC games?

S2Killinit849d ago

No, what makes them not the same generation is the huge graphical leap of scorpio plus the fact that it will be VR compatible unlike the current xboxs (AKA exclusive games). What you don't seem to understand is that MS has decided to release their next gen console early so as not to have to compete with another Playstation head on. They are escaping the head to head. and furthermore, they are escaping the console market to the detriment of console gaming. So you spin it however you like, the fact is, MS's terrible sales is what has driven their hand. Its plan B, drastic measures. Hope it works out for them, but hope they don't ruin the console market.

jun19inf849d ago

Microsoft's decision to cut this generation short was obviously fueled by the lack of sales. They are not in business to lose money. However, you fail to understand that the "generation gaming" thing is dead. Back in the day releasing a console took very long because most often than not, the hardware changed dramatically from the previous console forcing developers to learn the new hardware which took a long time (PS3 with the cell). This is why you saw gaming consoles taking 4+ years to come out. Fast forward to today and today's consoles are literally mid range PC's with average specs that can easily by upgraded at a faster rate negating the long refresh cycles. We upgrade components in our PCs all of time (Video card, Processor, RAM, etc). I wouldn't be surprised if Scorpio and or the PS5 allow a greater level of modularity across board.

jun19inf849d ago

I fully agree with you on Scorpio wiping the floor with Neo based on the rumored specs. It doesn't take a genius to realize why Neo was not mentioned at all at E3. Sony can't afford to look inferior by any means. I'm not a fanboy, I just call them like I see them and Sony got taken by surprised which is why they are most likely back at the drawing board trying to salvage the Neo situation right now. They are betting pretty big on the PSVR especially with it costing $499 + tax not including the games. Too risky for my blood.

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thisgamer503849d ago

@S2 - so microsofts hand is forced. Why is Sony releasing Neo then? They already have the more powerful console on the market.

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cleft5849d ago

No because you still need a PS4 or some kind to access Sony exclusive content. What Microsoft has done is essentially say you dont need a Xbox One or any kind to play Xbox exclusives going forward. That is the danger of what Microsoft has done. If Sony said all there exclusives are on PC then they would be in the same situation as well.

thisgamer503849d ago

So is Microsoft also giving away free gaming PC's that can play modern games? People who primarily console game don't build PC's. It's not rocket science. Keep the spin up though, you should be getting dizzy soon.

ONESHOTV2849d ago

your logic is wrong you still need a MS program such as windows store to run MS games the games are not going to steam so what are they losing ? nothing really but they are gaining money from it does that bother you in some way that's MS is making money ?

Budrazor849d ago

You'll just be able to play MS content at different budget levels. The Scorpio will most likely be cheaper than a high end gaming PC.

Goldby849d ago


Not 100% true, you can buy rise of the tomb raider on steam

n4rc849d ago

A Windows license is more profitable then a console I'd assume.. from their standpoint, the box itself is irrelevant and can easily be done away with.

Except those people that don't want a gaming PC and prefer a console.. which is the only reason they've ever existed anyways!

The console will only go away when people don't want them.

Sharky231849d ago


Cleft is saying that if your own a pc and a lot of people do. Then you won't need an Xbox. That cuts out a couple of million consoles! I've been saying the whole time Microsoft really wants to grow the Windows store! They will in a sense just be selling games. If they sale a console or two that's fine. That's why spencer made the comment about console numbers don't matter. That's all the proof I need!

zeuanimals849d ago


They're losing 3rd party royalties that they'd get if people bought multiplats on their Xbox's and potential XBLG subscribers which were both major contributors to the 360s profitability.

Every person that chooses to not get the Scorpio or slim will also not be contributing to hardware sales. Now, hardware sales don't help make them much money, in fact, they could be selling each console at a loss, but hardware not moving off of shelves is actively detrimental to them. No store wants to have tons of consoles that aren't selling, that's shelf and warehouse space that could be used for something else. If it sits there too long, the company that owns the warehouses or stores could actually charge MS if MS wants to keep those consoles stocked, or they'll have the consoles shipped back to make room for something that might sell.

That last paragraph is just a doomsday scenario for Xbox and I doubt it'll happen, but that's one of the possibilities of hardware that won't sell. So it's not like if too many potential buyers choose not to buy the new Xbox's in favor of PCs, MS will be fine with it. Though gaming is more of a side project and to make MS relevant for people who don't use MS's other products, so they're probably fine with it anyway, as long as people aren't thinking of MS as having nothing interesting for them.

thisgamer503849d ago (Edited 849d ago )


If people already own a pc? Like I said before, just because you own a pc doesn't mean it can game
The majority of PC's can't play games. People who are into gaming are usually either into console gaming, or into PC gaming. Console gamers aren't going to magically switch to PC because Xbox games are there. To think that way is pure fanboy logic. MS is just giving PC gamers what they've asked for years, to release MS published games on MS Windows. The marketplace they're releasing to may not be ideal, but it's a start.

@ Bruce755 below -

"They don't build PCs for a few reasons, first is price."

No. Ask 90% of console gamers why they game on a console and not a PC. The price will have nothing to do with it I assure you. Ease of use is the primary driver. PC gaming is more expensive to get into, but when you consider AAA games drop to $40 or so on PC within a few months, plus no subscription for online play, the cost over a gaming generation balances out between console or PC if you buy enough games.

849d ago
thisgamer503849d ago (Edited 847d ago )

@Bruce - Answer me this. Look up sales of exclusive games. Tell me the biggest selling exclusive. Now, what % of the userbase of the console does that make up? Exactly. What games do the other millions upon millions users play? Multiplats.

I notice nobody ever answers this question. I guess the truth about exclusives having no bearing on the majority of console sales doesn't sit well with some. People need to think about this. A lot has been said about last gen ps3 vs 360 and yes ps3 won. Sony is a massive global brand. MS is not and yet they STILL gave ps3 a run for its money sales wise. You know why? It's easy: it ran multi platform games better.

Braxmapoutras848d ago

And that's the reason Xbox one "one" is going to be my last Microsoft console....they wanted a slice of the PC market and that's why they will release all their initial Xbox "exclusives" on PC...I bought the fucking box not even a year ago and I already regret it...instead of playing it clean and saying upfront when they released Xbox or even during last E3 they just go 2 years later and say no more xboxone exclusives for you....that's what I call shady....I bought it for recore, halo, scalebound and gears of war....but now all of them are coming to PC(yeah yeah halo 5 no,but halo 6 will be also on PC) thing for sure is that they lost my trust and my money going forward....and I'm positive that I'm not the only one that got burned this way....
Just to be clear I'm not against letting these games going to PC I just hated and despised the way they did it...because now I'll just build a proper gaming PC and just keep the Xbox one I bought for backwards compatibility games like tekken tag tournament 2....and I'll keep my ps4 for ps4 exclusives... If Sony would do the same I'd be as pissed and salty as I am with Microsoft right now....

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stuna1849d ago

How will it happen to Sony? When simply put Sony aren't the ones diluting their effectiveness by bringing their exclusives over to PC's!

I'm not trying to state popular opinion, I'm stating a true concern, which I know will garner major disagrees. But many can't see the forest for the trees!

I could see if Microsoft had a solid bearing in the PC space, but the truth is what anchor they once had was massively compromised when they neglected their PC following for the console market, the support for PC gamers went out the window.

Now Microsoft are being seriously outsold by their competitor. What do they!? They run back to the same PC gamers that they neglected with promise of this overwhelming support, new api DX12, Win 10, Xbox1's library of exclusives, and so on.....

This newfound dedication looks good and all until you look closer! All these incentives are focused on the PC side of the coin, when for the last 3 years it has been the Xbox/gamers side of the coin that has supported these changes. The big question here is what incentives have they received !? B/C, consistent software updates, a high priced controller that might I add is compatible with wouldn't you know PC. Etc. Etc.

Where things should count they don't count, like the Xbox1 looking ahead at the real possibility of it own demise! Sharing all of what should have made it unique in the first place, its exclusives! Being obsolete because it maker made it obsolete, because they were losing!

I know I'm going to get slammed with disagrees, but I'm fine with that, but before everyone rushes to push the disagree button ask yourself does any of this at least sound plausible? Then think back at when Microsoft first entered the console space, the circumstances on them entering the console space, their history on the PC.

Look at what has changed for the better, what has changed for the worse! But above all those things analyze and look at how they've treated their supporter, studios and fanbases.

jun19inf849d ago

I respect what you stated in your post but in my opinion, Microsoft is not diluting their effectiveness they are simply providing more choice. Your still need a license to play the game via XboxLive or the Windows store. Not all consumers are like you and me who play games on their PC on a regular basis. Consoles will be here for a long time. Microsoft is expanding their business to target a wider audience simple as that. Companies change to adapt to growing concerns and challenges in their industry which is what they are doing right now. Everyone likes to hate on Microsoft which is fine but make no mistake about it, they are positioning themselves to deliver a killer blow. Imaging being able to play your shiny new game you just bought for your xbox on your laptop while sitting on a 4 hour flight.....priceless. You made some very good and valid points which is why from me you get an up-vote.

849d ago

I preordered my Xbox S today and will get NEO and Scorpio.

The_Sage848d ago

The difference is, you can play Xbox games on your PC.

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Eonjay849d ago

This doesn't make sense because diverging hardware hasn't stopped PC gaming from being a thing. People who expect the Neo/Scorpio/High End PC version of a game to play fundamentally different from PS4/Xbox One aren't being reasonable.
Today we have something called scalability. Its why most multiplats play the same on PS4/Xbox One/PC today.
Scorpio wont change this. There are PC rigs today far more powerful than the consoles of tomorrow and you don see devs scrambling to make 30 different versions of their game.

artisin849d ago

The point is the majority of consumers don't buy PCs just for games, though. Now, if you have a console with three different levels, and one supposedly vastly more powerful, why buy an Xbox between now and holiday 2017?

thisgamer503849d ago

If you know the next generation is coming after this generation, why buy this generation? This argument could be used all day. If your average Joe has money for a console and wants to play games, they're going to buy the console available now. Remember that 90% of gamers aren't the picky bunch that us Internet warriors are.

Budrazor849d ago

There is no reason too. Unless you want to add another one for whatever reason.

uth11849d ago

The play the same because today all platforms are built from the same codebase. Yes they will still build from the same codebase, but the worry is will they neglect the performance on the low-end consoles because now they can? Or will they bother to optimize to make sure it runs WELL on all platforms?

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TheOnlyGamer849d ago

Another nonsense article about Xbox One getting spin-off, I don't know why some think of that? Because they hate Xbox maybe?

And how does N4G accepts these kinds of articles, Oh My God!!

kneon849d ago

Microsoft shareholders have repeatedly asked them to spin off the Xbox division so it's not far fetched at all.

Budrazor849d ago

You can tell they don't like MS very much. The whole Scorpio thing pissed a lot of people off.

Xavy849d ago

Hate? Sony is hated MS is loved by the murica gaming media stop the FUD.

"And how does N4G accepts these kinds of articles, Oh My God!!"

lmao, do say the same thing about the hate for SOny and NEO, yeah thought so.

Dlacy13g849d ago

DOOM I TELL YOU ......DOOM! I do so love the drama we see on N4G.

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