Futuregamez: Echochrome - PSP Review

Chris Gobbett writes:

"So, you've probably seen all the screenshots of that game which looks like Tetris meets and M.C. Escher painting of impossible upward stairs leading downwards, and you've thought to yourself "so - what's so good about that game?". Well... being the odd looking game that it is, without seeing it in motion or playing it yourself you're not going to understand what makes this game just so good – it's amazingly simple, yet astonishing that the concepts behind the gameplay haven't been unearthed in a videogame before (not that I'm aware of anyway). In today's age where everything seems to be focussed on high-definition eye-popping visuals, Sony Japan have gone against the masses to produce this living, breathing optical illusion. Is it good? No, this game is great."

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