How Gears of War 4 takes advantage of added power

GR - "We talk to Rod Fergusson about leveraging the power of Xbox One S, Windows 10 and Project Scorpio."

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jessionpc1818d ago

Doesn't Gears of War 4 come out soon?, "I honestly haven't checked nor care enough to look"... People are going to be playing this game a whole year after it releases?

FFS it's not a pc game...

christocolus1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

"I honestly haven't checked nor care enough to look"

So why bother posting that? Did you even read the article?

Lon3wolf1818d ago

I doubt the OP actually read what they posted, let alone the article :D

Paytaa1818d ago

Just to get an irrelevant point across I guess. Clearly cared enough for first comment though lol

By the way, Gears 3 still had a solid population 4 years after release. Not to mention I was still finding games relatively quick even in OG Gears 1 7 years after release.

Regardless of popularity decline in games like Halo or Gears, they've always managed to have a steady player base to continue playing with years after they come out. I was literally still finding Halo 3 games on the 360 just a few months ago in the 45 skill bracket.

ShottyatLaw1818d ago

If you release a game with a strong MP component and people are not still playing it a year later, you're doing something wrong.

BossBattle1818d ago

People will be playing Gears 4 until 5 releases.

Khaotic1817d ago

You cared enough to make a fool of yourself by posting that drivel. But hey that's what you've been doing for quite a few days now..

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Software_Lover1818d ago

The Xbox One s doesn't add anymore power, it just adds HDR and is a smaller form factor.

SirJoJo1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

HDR+4K up scaler requires extra power, not much extra but extra nevertheless. The extra power isn't enough to make the game run much if any better than an OGX1 but just enough to add the HDR+4K upscaled experience. People maybe asking "but can't your TV just upscale to 4K?" the answer is yes but it would not look as good as a device that has already internally upscaled the image to 4K and it also helps latency, the more processing you take away from your TV in terms of the image it displays, the better gaming experience you will get.

butchertroll1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Quote :
The extra power isn't enough to make the game run much if any better than an OGX1 but just enough to add the HDR+4K upscaled experience


No that some extra power won't help to game perform better, but THERE IS NO extra CPU/GPU power at all. There is no MHz upclock! Every game for Xbone won't perform better.

SirJoJo1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Butcher go troll elsewhere. like what is the point of your comment...?

HDR+4K up scaler requires extra power, simple as that. No one said anything about an up clock CPU or extra GPU power but you can be damn sure that there's a beefier upscaling chip and a new chip on the GPU for HDR.

freshslicepizza1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

some people think this will compete with neo (so that sony fans can claim its more powerful yet again) while scorpio is a new xbox like the ps5 will be. that way when the xbox scorpio comes out they can say wait for the ps5 (so that sony fans can claim neo is not underpowered to project scorpio) to have a fair comparison. meanwhile nothing at all indicates project scoirpio is replacing the xbox one or is the new generation xbox (xbox two).

all xbox one s is doing is adding hdr and the ability to upscale to 4k (not native) and have a built in ultra bluray player. at $299 that is a great price and i bet ps4 neo will be $399 but rumors are that if sony decides to also upgrade the cpu it will be $499 but i doubt they will want a $499 console right now.

at the end of the day its about enjoyment but some people can't seem to fully enjoy what they have unless they put down something else.

Goldby1818d ago


While i agree with your last comment about the purposes of games is enjoyment. some people including myself see the Xbox One S and Neo on the same level, no matter the power they are pushing simply because logically there is always big steps between console generations and going from sub1080p to 4k no matter the console is the next gen.

It would be like comparing a toyota Corolla (og xbox one and ps4) to a Toyota GT86 (One S and Neo) and a Lexus LSF (9th gen = Scorpio and ps5)

You cant compare a commuter vehicle to a super car

thisgamer5031817d ago


The Neo might not be as powerful as Scorpio but it's still over 2x the power of the ps4. That's quite the jump to still consider it a slight upgrade. It has more in common with Scorpio in the way it has added GPU power. The One S has no extra

butchertroll1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Quote :

Butcher go troll elsewhere. like what is the point of your comment...?


Me trolling? LOL! What's the point of your comment where you trying to spin things? THERE IS NO CPU/GPU upgrade. It's the same SoC. EOD!

Do you see what member Goldby said and has a similar opinion like you?

"While i agree with your last comment about the purposes of games is enjoyment. some people including myself see the Xbox One S and Neo on the same level"

Xbone S and Neo ARE THE SAME. Hahahahahah!

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slate911818d ago

My biggest titles for project scorpio are gears 4, halo 6 (maybe 5 with an added patch), and battlefield 1(if ea decides to patch it).

I know gears will be updated. I cant wait to drool.

Goldby1818d ago

forgot Forza, those cars will look stunning in 4k

medman1817d ago

As a gamer who loved my 360 (despite it's red ring issues), it pained me the direction Microsoft took with the xbox one. I happily enjoyed playing pc, ps3, and 360 last gen, but skipped the xbox one this gen for many reasons. The xbox one S looks great, and the improvements to it, including 4k video and blu ray with HDR10 support, are great, although I guess Microsoft is still political by not including support for Dolby Vision as well. Project Scorpio is what really has my attention, however. That is the console that will get me back on board with Microsoft.

I've had quite a lengthy break from Gears, as I did not buy Judgement (Gears fatigue), and by the time the Scorpio rolls around, I would like to get Gears 4 and hop back into that Universe. And the Forza Horizon that's coming this fall would also interest me for the Scorpio in 2017, it's looking pretty fantastic. Hopefully Microsoft can get more than they have been out of their first party studios and start cranking out some really special titles, because I fully intend to be back for more whenever the Scorpio releases. No question.

Khaotic1817d ago

I agree, I'm going to wait and see if they release a native 4k gears 4 definitive edition on release of the console. I have a feeling they will release a 4 k halo with it as well