The long wait and huge disappointment of Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 is boring and ugly -- and it took four years to make.

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Godmars2901475d ago

"...and it took four years to make."

Though some suspect Inafune only worked on it for a year.

Romudeth1474d ago

Inafune and the team spread themselves thin. What a waste of potential.

demonddel1474d ago

I know a lot of gamers and I don't know not one person who was waiting for this game

NotoriousWhiz1474d ago

I was waiting for this game. And now I'll wait for it to go on sale for $10 or less

metalgod881474d ago

Did you actually play the game? It's actually pretty fun and is obvious the game design had the original mega man in mind. It also offers challenges and boss rush mode. And.. it's pretty tough, which I totally love. I don't understand why people are so dissapointed. For a $20 game, it's pretty solid.

NotoriousWhiz1474d ago

Too bad, it's $30. At least on consoles.

metalgod881474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Hm.. 30 bucks on consoles? I thought it was the same price on all platforms. That's pretty lame. That's kind of borderline for me. Twenty bucks is great, 30 is kind of pushing it. I picked it up on Steam btw.

PizzaSteve1474d ago

Seems like mostly the backers are disappointed. I didn't back this game therefore I'm not disappointed. Still like to play it but gonna wait til it's $10 or PS Plus free month.

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