Top 5 Heart-wrenching Gaming Disappointments

There are games people hoped would be good. Maybe there was a great developer making it or fun premise. Unfortunately, those things couldn't save these titles.

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LordoftheCritics512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

No Man's Sky had the most disappointing launch after the massive hype.

It also had the best turn around of any game.

Today it is basically a mammoth sandbox/city builder/space sim/casual podcast in the background meditative play. Love it right now.

smolinsk511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

But you jumped on the hype train without seeing what the game really came with.

Sean Murry absolutely caught up in the hype and talk about future stuff that wasen't there from the start.

But what i was promised before the game came out was an unlimited univers and everybody else was looking forward to just that and nothing else. So he gave us just that..that people could not see the true picture about an Early access kind of game was delusional, it was so clear it was not ready...

akaFullMetal512d ago

CD3, and ff15, maybe shemue 3, I feel are more recent disappoinments than Duke nukem and perfect dark.

AK91511d ago

Anthem was predicted to be a failure from its beginning especially since the last game Bioware put out was the abomination called Andromeda.