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Well over a year on from Comcept’s original launch promise, Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 has finally ascended the throws of development hell for public consumption. These are words that some ardent Kickstarter backers have been waiting to hear for years. With so much patience and many more promises riding on its back, it goes without saying that Mighty No. 9 has always had a lot to live up to.

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Harrylikesgames1819d ago

My favourite coinage to describe this game so far has to be "Mighty No. 2"

Owenza1818d ago

Hahaha, wish I'd thought of that.

Urbz78701819d ago

The highest score ive seen any review give this game

KentBenMei1818d ago

IGN Sweden gave it an 8/10. Some users are giving it 10/10 but they're probably mindless Mega Man fanboys. I say it's a 6.5/10 but I think Vita will be a 7/10 just because the graphical expectations are more in check.

KentBenMei1818d ago

"Might No. 9 - Jump on the hate bandwagon with witty taglines that insult the game."

Myx231818d ago

franky, i already thought the original mega man franchise sucked. no wonder a spiritual successor would suck, too.