Deadlight: Directors Cut (PS4) Review – Where is my Mind | WASDuk

Deadlight’s compelling atmosphere and delightfully bleak narrative don’t quite compensate for its flawed fundamentals and all-too-brief run time.

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esmittystud1011822d ago

Future PS Plus game I hope in the future. It would be a good canidate. Looks fun for a platformer. But probably like any other platformer today. Short and sweet...... but the short overshadows the sweet nine times out of ten. I'm going to get a little off subject with Deadlight a little here. The Last Guardian will be the next big platformer.....that will probably be less than ten hours of play. $60 for less than 10 hours of play???????

This is how "off" gamers are nowdays. The Order: 1886 takes all the flack in the world for there short game.....The Last Guardian won't take any flack and actually people are already defending it saying that even though its short, its worth $60.

I'm interested in The Last Guardian......but not $60 interested. Will wait like I did for The Order: 1886, $10. Sorry for the rant. LOL.