Cliff Bleszinski on What Makes Lawbreakers Different From Overwatch

“When people see something, they immediately want to put it in a bucket with something else”

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Godmars2901824d ago

Lack of a lore that will attract a fan base before the game is even out?

Sam Fisher1823d ago

This guy needs to jump off from a cliff, seriously I despise this person, im sorry this has nothing to do with the topic at hand but i really feel disgust for this sack potatoes that is called a man

SynestheticRoar1823d ago

He tells the truth about crossplay with a keyboard or mouse against a controller its a unfair advantage.

BossBattle1823d ago

Phil talked about that a little bit. I'm sure they'll do something about it.

BossBattle1823d ago

Lawbreakers is a waste of cliffy's time and effort. The game looks so boring I feel sorry for him.