Dreadlocks 2D Cyberpunk RPG “Dex” is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in July

After Dex’s succesful launch on PC, Dreadlocks studio has partnered with Spanish publishing company BadLand Games to release Dex on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July.

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slasaru011820d ago

Looks cool, i'm buying this

TGG_overlord1820d ago

It´s a really good game =) I´ve been playing the PC-version for quite sometime now ;) And we "might" giveaway the game for PS4 and Xbox One on release =) Speaking of which, this is what we´re giving away right now:

Simon_the_sorcerer1820d ago

I don´t own a PS4 or a Xbox One, so I´m picking up the PC-version instead ;)

TGG_overlord1820d ago

You´re not going to be let down no matter which version you decide to buy =)