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Much could be made of LUMO's heritage, but it's one that, for many, will feel like ancient history. LUMO is an isometric adventure in the style of much-loved eighties computer games Knightlore, Alien 8, and genre classic Head Over Heels. There's a powerful argument to be made that this last - Head Over Heels - was the finest game ever released on the 8-bit home computers of the day and any game that openly cites the Ocean classic as an influence opens itself up to close critique.

There's certainly a case to be made that LUMO's worth is as a love letter to some of the most perfect games of our youth, but to suggest that its appeal is somehow limited because if that is unfair. Yes, LUMO will delight and enthrall those of us who played the isometric classics of the eighties, but it has enough humour, charm and fun to entertain young and old.

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