PSX Extreme: MLB Power Pros 2008 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Kids should love baseball. It's America's pastime and despite the steroid nastiness that has revolved around the league for the past few years, at its core, there's a distinct semblance of good old-fashioned U.S. purity and passion. Hence, it makes perfect sense to target youngsters with certain baseball games, which is why Konami and 2K Sports have stepped forward yet again to deliver a new MLB Power Pros entry. Granted, with a release date of July 29, it's a little late, but most kids won't really care. And at the very least, this is a much better option than the extremely mediocre and technically unpolished Backyard Baseball 09, which suffered from all sorts of glitches and control issues. MLB Power Pros 2008 is certainly better in just about every way, thanks mostly to the higher level of realism, full MLB rosters, and depth. There are a few annoying drawbacks we had difficulty dealing with, but all in all, this is one title that won't disappoint young baseball fans."

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