5 games that made you feel


"When it comes to the feels – film and TV have it down. The Fault in Our Stars, Titanic, The Green Mile, Schindler’s List, Grey’s Anatomy,  even shows like Scrubs have tugged on the old heart strings over the years. Video-games, on the other hand, don’t usually focus on ‘sad’."

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Cy1823d ago

There are more feelings than "sad", you know.

Walter_Official1823d ago

RIGHT!? L.A. Noire is a prime example. No other game made me so mad at my own character.

Walter_Official1823d ago

I'm literally just now playing the Walking Dead Season 1 and Holy S*%T! Sad, but worth it.

SegaGamer1823d ago

"5 games that made you feel"..........made you feel what ? can't people just talk properly instead of using stupid buzz words all of the time ?

Sorry but it's just bloody annoying.

Fist4achin1822d ago

I was a little choked up over the end of FFX with Titus and Yuna...