Exclusive Xbox 360 Guitar Hero: World Tour Content Announced

Exclusive song titles for the Xbox 360 version have been revealed for Guitar Hero III, which is fully compatible with Guitar Hero:World Tour.

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Snukadaman_5392d ago

They are doing a decent job of that.

PirateThom5392d ago

Maybe if they could get some exclusive games, it would be more in their line.

mindedone5392d ago

The problem is that they don't CREATE exclusive content. This is content that would have been available to all. Gamers do not win.

wangdiddy825392d ago

I rather enjoy a whole new exclusive IP like LPB, god of war 3, killzone 2, motorstorm 2, heavy rain, and games like that..

sony has exclusive games

Microsoft has exclusive content for some multi plat games, which is really pointless.. Good example GTA4..

ravinshield5392d ago

ur stupid the only new ip there is LBP and heavy rain not the rest you moron

Zhai5392d ago

Why did this get approved? Come on - this info is over a month old!

Jellzy5392d ago

Ah well, old news always manages to slip through.

Although its fair to say that it may swing a few in-the-know PS3 owners to buying RB2 instead.