GamingTrend: Spectral Force 3 Review

GamingTrend writes: "I'm no stranger to Japanese SRPG's. In fact, I sometimes cringe when I look at the sheer amount of hours I have poured into some of these titles (Final Fantasy Tactics, I'm looking at you). I wonder what constructive things I could have done with all those days that simply disappeared while I was moving big-eyed anime characters around battle grids. When done well, I'd argue that there are few genres that give the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that a deep, epic Japanese SRPG can provide. On the flip side, a mediocre SRPG can be a exercise in tedium and frustration. Enter Spectral Force 3, the newest offering from Atlus and Idea Factory. Which side of the fence does it fall on?"

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5138d ago

Another mega flop for the mega flop box