PALGN: SOCOM Confrontation Beta - 1000 beta codes available right here for AU users only

PALGN has teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment Australia to offer our readers an opportunity to win entry into the SOCOM Confrontation beta demo.

For a 30 day limited trial period only, you can enjoy the demo of SOCOM: Confrontation, the ultimate squad-based shooter on PlayStation 3. Featuring intense online battles for up to 32 players, join the best Special Forces units in the world and wage war in a series of stunning backgrounds.

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zo6_lover273697d ago

Time to make an AU account :D

Not really.

redsnake3697d ago

this game looks amazing be picking it up 4 sure

Jamegohanssj53697d ago

I am extremely jealous. Once again America gets analed when it comes to the Beta codes. We always have to pay lawl.


BSigel813697d ago

Probably because America is the biggest market for SOCOM. Why do I have to give out free codes in America, when they will buy it anyway. I guess it is just a way to bring in more players from different demographics.

Jamegohanssj53697d ago

You do have a point, but think about me. I have never played a Socom, so they have to attract me >_>. It's a Sony exclusive and it's from a good developer, so I'm sure it will be good.


BSigel813697d ago

Yeah, that's probably what makes them lose sleep at night when it comes to the people who haven't experienced the SOCOM series yet. Regardless of what they are doing marketing wise, we both can agree that it will be another epic Sony title.

jkhan3697d ago

What are you guys talking about? Atleast you don't get to pay 120$ for a single game? Nor you are last at every freaking PSN update. Nor do you pay 700$ for a console. PS3 in Australia at launch was 999$ :|
Every accessory is expensive here.

Sitdown3697d ago

only 1 out of 3 people have to pay in the USA......and even then, you can easily shift that $5 deposit to another game.....and it will be just as if it was free.

badz1493697d ago

I know, it's terrible! I was planning to buy one over after I got the chance to further my studies for a year last year and it was like the biggest slap in the face!! AUD999?! I didn't know things are expensive over there but this is the case of being too expensive!! buying import via Ebay will be a lot cheaper but I don't really trust online transaction for hardware. so, I didn't buy it until the announcement about 40GB SKU replacing 60GB and I thought I should just buy it before they're gone! luckily JB HiFi was doing a limited time sale for 60GB + 2nd SIXAXIS + R:FoM + Motorstorm at AUD978 and there I finally bought it!

I know, a little off-topic but you got the clue...Glad for AUS PS3 gamers, they got the chance for these free betas!

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PirateThom3697d ago

I wish I could play the beta, I love SOCOM. :(

LevDog3697d ago

Go to GameStop pre order Socom.. and get the beta code.. Simple

Jamegohanssj53697d ago

Our closest Gamestop is like 30 minutes away and I'm sure my mom isn't going to drive me their just to get a beta code. She'll laugh in my face.


QUNE3696d ago

Just call the Gamespot and see if they will give you a code over the phone. I have a friend that reserved the game before they received the vouchers and wasn't notified when they came in.
He called and was given one over the phone.

I'd call everyplace you can if you have the time.
Never know unless you try!

jkhan3697d ago

OMG finally some good news for us Aussie Gamers:D
I hope i get it:D

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