Bring It Back! - 'Def Jam: Fight for NY'

Since the release of Def Jam Icon there has been no news on the series. Many want a new entry in the series and this is what should be added if it returned.

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Majin-vegeta856d ago

Would love for it to come back.If not a new entry i would take the PS2 remaster version with trophies and online play

C-H-E-F855d ago

Same, this would be epic. Hopefully they move away from ICON like gameplay if they were to reboot it.

crimsonfox855d ago

Icon was fucking garbage. The PS2 games were so much better it's insane.

ScarzFX855d ago

Mann, if they remastered this or even better, made a sequel that followed this gameplay style i'd cry tears of joy. Icon was terrible