Resident Evil 7 is Written by a Westerner For First Time Ever

Resident Evil 7 is written by non-other than Richard Pearsey, the creative mind behind the Spec-Ops: The Line and F.E.A.R.’s stories.

It’ll be interesting to see what a western perspective brings to the Resident Evil series, which many gamers believe has lost touch with it survival horror roots.

Is the franchise is in good hands? What changes do you want to see made?

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TwoForce2957d ago

What ? Spec op The Line had a good story and FEAR is also my favorite FPS.

emawk2957d ago

Why would you say that? Are you saying westerners are incapable of writing scary stories?

UltimateMaster2957d ago

I know everyone's excited about this game creepy horror feel.
I didn't find it scary, maybe it'll be more scary in PS VR.

I just wish we get to play as Leon, Christ, Jill or some other well-know Resident Evil badass character.
There will be some action, so that's all good.

Dir_en_grey2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I thought the demo sucked also...
A PT wannabe but not even close to anything great at all. Just a bunch of boring chores.
I'll get it just because I get a whole game for PSVR but I hope the actual game will be A LOT better...

hay2957d ago

It all depends how faithful it will be to the source material. If very faithful I think he'll do great.

Kakashi Hatake2957d ago

@UltimateMaster it's boring playing as a character that kills zombies as a career. Playing as someone that is experiencing everything around them for the first time makes the situation more scary. Any of the established RE characters wouldn't be afraid of the situation.

Angeljuice2957d ago

It was weird playing the teaser demo, ResEvil without the cringe-inducing, phoned-in, cardboard voice acting.

It plays much better than I expected, I am interested in a RE title for the first time in ages.

UltimateMaster2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

@Karachi Hatake
But everyone is already familiar with the series. Everyone's already used to the jump scares here and there.
At E3 there was one guy who saw a man passing by in the other hallway, he made a jump scare. Everyone else at E3 just started laughing afterwards because we are used to them.
I was scared in some points of getting caugh by Nemesis in RE3 or that Chainsaw guy in RE5.

What we want to see in this Resident Evil is similar to what we've seen in RE3 and The last of Us.
A more open world game, with Zombies everywhere. Limited Ammo and you have to search around for supplies, Ammo and guns, craft items, mix herbs and try not to get killed.

They need to make this game compatible with the PS Sharp Shooter and the Handguns pistols. It is VR and if they include those in the game, then they've sold me on VR. Sharp Shooter is amazing, if you get that dept of field and change direction of your head then aim straight at the zombie, you'll feel like you are part of the experience rather than playing a game.

Edito2956d ago

I do agree with you...

Japaneses are the masters of Horror...

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jessionpc2957d ago

THAT'S why that pot of gunk that looked suspiciously like boiled and mashed double big macs was in the game!

DragonDDark2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Change isn't always bad. I've always given chances. Whether the results are bad or good, Devs face that and they can fix it but at least they are trying to freshen things up.

Hold_It2957d ago

Exactly. FEAR was a great game, and I think everyone should play it at least once.

KentBenMei2957d ago

Doesn't need freshening up, needs to go back to its roots.

KentBenMei2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

"The roots being..?"

You tell me, pal. Go play Resident Evil 1-3 and then watch Resident Evil 7 and tell me what they have in common aside from general theme and title.

solid_snake36562957d ago

So it's being written by someone with no experience with the Resident Evil franchise, or a AAA game.

Double_O_Revan2957d ago

I'm going to look at it more like, it's being written by someone who had no part or ties to RE 5 or 6. I'll take that!

DarkOcelet2957d ago

First of all, i would like to point out two things.

No.1 The writer penned both Fear and Spec Ops the line. Spec Ops the line story was incredible and i loved the story in the first FEAR game.

No.2 RE5 and RE6 stories really sucked. There was no character development. The stories was so cliched with just the usual 'Good vs Evil and heroes win in the end'

So i say give the writer his chance, it might be the push RE needs to actually have a good story.

TwoForce2957d ago

Remember, Resident Evil 3.5, the game also had supernatural elements before it changed.

NovusTerminus2957d ago

Trust me, it shows. Nothing against western writing but it terms of horror it tends to rely on instant jump scares with shock imaginary and less on the subtle undertones and and just screwing with your mind.

Kyosuke_Sanada2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

If you are meaning most modern horror writers then I do agree. However there are exceptions to the rules such as John Carpenter, James Wan, Adrian Lyne and H.P Lovecraft who is still regarded as of the best horror writers ever after his passing. I think we should embrace the change abit especially after proving his great work with The Line. It's not like Resident Evil 5 or 6 were considered psychological.

Summons752957d ago

Where were the jump scares in the demo becuse I hate those and not once did a dog very predictably jump through a window. The atmosphere is where it's and the demo nailed it.

NapalmSanctuary2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I prefer the slow burn tension and atmosphere myself. REmake really excelled in that department. Jump scares are limited use scenarios, something else that REmake also excelled in as far as appropriate use is concerned. The problem with jump scares is that once you use one for misleading purposes (it was nothing) it tends to defuse all following jump scares to an extent, if not completely. Same thing goes for using them too much. Its one of the reasons why modern horror movies are so weak.

Kyosuke_Sanada2957d ago

I agree as well Napalm, REMake was easily the pinnacle of the series and I wished more games followed in it's footsteps.

NapalmSanctuary2957d ago

@Kyosuke_Sanada Hopefully REmake 2 will be true to the original.

opinionated2957d ago

The first Fear was outstanding and I heard nothing but good things about the lines story.