Tom's Games Review: Too Human

Rob Wright Writes:

"Silicon Knights' Too Human is a rich, ambitious title that teeters on the verge of greatness many times but never quite arrives there. The Canadian game developer has created an incredibly unique and compelling world that bizarrely combines Norse mythology and hack-and-slash combat with a science fiction-themed setting and role-playing game dynamics. Try to imagine a developer combining God of War with Mass Effect and producing a game that's not nearly as good as either title, but one that still shows enormous potential and offers enticing gameplay.

In another example of a tried and true formula, humans are under attack from a menacing race of machines. But Too Human has a twist: a third race of beings known as the Gods. Yes, the gods from Norse mythology such as Odin, Thor and Loki are cybernetically enhanced humans with tremendous powers that rule over the mere mortals in the kingdom of Midgard. Mankind prays to the gods, who in turn worship Odin. As it turns out, Odin is not a man but an all-powerful artificial intelligence (ODIN stands for Organically Distributed Intelligence Network) that rules Midgard."

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