E3 2016: Dead Rising 4 is only timed-exclusive to Microsoft for one year

Capcom is pleased to announce today that Dead Rising 4 will only be exclusive to Microsoft platforms for one year. According to Ryan Brown via Twitter.

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Overload1831d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Wow. They should have just announced it as a timed exclusive.

Edit - It's been confirmed by Microsoft. Exclusive to Windows 10 for 90 days (presumably Steam after) and the Xbox for 1 year (presumably PS4 after).

Herbalistic1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Its the Tomb Raider situation all over again where Microsoft is publishing/funding another timed multiplatform game.

nX1831d ago

So PS4 users will get an patched/optimized version with maybe even some bonuses a year later? Then it's going to be a tough choice between PC and PS4 version for me.

Goldby1831d ago

if we arent too busy playing days gone by then.

i used to be excited for Rise of the tomb raider. now that it's almost out for my console.... not so much, and by not so much i mean ill wait till its super cheap. lost too much interest to warrant spending 60$. now there are people who would have bought it on x1 that will be waiting to buy it on their ps4.

Did ms not learn anythign from Rise?

OC_MurphysLaw1831d ago

The difference this time with DR4 vs Rise of the Tomb Raider... this time DR4 will launch day and date on PC and Xbox One. that will help the game a ton vs Rise of the Tomb Raider which launched only on Xbox and then PC 3 months later....and yet to hit PS4.

ThePope1831d ago


You should get RoTR asap for the PS4 its an awesome game, and IMO better than UC4.

dirkdady1830d ago

I imagine square Enix approaching Sony and asking if they could show tomb raider on their press conference for the ps4 with packaged DLC and Sony just shooing them away. Lol

nix1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I don't think it's coming out on PS4. PC only.

I knew it the minute they showed "available on Xbox 1 and windows 10". Otherwise they say "exclusive to Xbox1 and Windows 10"

Edit: i was talking about the Dead Rising. And I'm not nX.

Ceaser98573611830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


"I don't think it's coming out on PS4. PC only.

I knew it the minute they showed "available on Xbox 1 and windows 10". Otherwise they say "exclusive to Xbox1 and Windows 10"

Well you were probably living under the rock when SQ Enix themselves announced it that RISE OF TOMB RAIDER will come to PS4 after the 1 year timed deal with MS is over..

Mr Marvel1830d ago


RotTR is not even close to Uncharted 4. Stop talking crap!

darthv721830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I had a feeling that it might be timed. During the reveal it never said the Windows 10 & Xbox one "Exclusive" like other games did. Which honestly is fine with me. this game is like a reimagining of the first and PS players did not get the first but they did get the second one. Now is their chance to play the awesomeness that was the first game and play with additional characters.

Then again, if it isn't coming to PS4 then they probably mean Steam. That is what happened to DR3. It would still be a multiplat release as Steam does not require W10 so PC players without W10 would be able to get it.

ILostMyMind1830d ago

I think the same. I hope the producers are making a lot of money with Microsoft because i think that sales in PS4 will be a failure. The hype for TR is gone.

bouzebbal1830d ago

honestly why pay millions for timed exclusivity of a series that doesn't even sell..
this is stupid

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ThanatosDMC1830d ago Show
GameNameFame1830d ago

Xbox is offering almost no exclusives. It really reduces the consoles value proposition.

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Sic_Parvis_Magna1830d ago

I can't believe how Aaron Greenberg repeatedly lied about this game's exclusivity during his interview with Kinda Funny. Xbox as a brand just feels like a scam.

legionsoup1830d ago

Now that I know this, one less Xbone game to buy.

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Rookie_Monster1830d ago

@Overload1h ago(Edited 47m ago)
"Wow. They should have just announced it as a timed exclusive."

Sony is doing the same with "debuting first on" pertaining to games like No Man's Sky and FF7 remake. So I don't get what the issue here is.

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TGGJustin1830d ago

Hey Overload let me know when that image goes up on the official page ok. Also considering it has been confirmed by Capcom now to be timed I don't know what you are trying to prove.

Antnee5341830d ago

Actually no they have labeled those games either "play first on playstation" or they say "console exclusive".

Rookie_Monster1830d ago

Opps, I spoke too soon. The timed is only pertaining to Xbox and Windows 10. The other platform is Steam ; thus, the box art with "exclusive to Xbox One" still stands as no other console will get it.

Don't ask how I know, but it will be clarify soon ;)

jb2271830d ago

Difference is exactly that line..."First on consoles for PS4" plainly insinuates it is coming to other consoles in the future, calling something "Exclusive" or "Exclusive Holiday 2016" is an obvious attempt to confuse gamers.

Also, notice that MS has stayed entirely silent on the status of the game, just like they did w/ RotTR. They know the chatter is out there that it is in exclusive because they've insinuated as much...they are leaning into that conversation & making it all murky.

End of the day you said it yourself though, Sony plainly & clearly markets these games as "First on PS4" or "Console Exclusive" or "Timed Exclusive"....MS used none of that jargon & instead purposefully threw "Exclusive" lines out when they know for a fact it is untrue.

showtimefolks1830d ago

rookie at it again han?

FF7 remake will not come to xbox one. FF15 series overall doesn't sell on xbox so square enix won't waste their time

no man sky(seriously if you expect NMS to end up on xbox than you will have a long long wait time. sony not only provided funds but also developer help via sony's first party studio, so it's not only money)

also sony says stuff like console exclusive or play it first on playstation

i guess you want us to forget the fact major nelson tweeted MGS5 exclusive only to back away from that claim

leoms1830d ago

Why do you always write drivel?

iceman061830d ago

I think the term "debuting first" is much more clear than "Available on..." . Just saying "first" implies that there must indeed be a second. Saying available does tell you where it can be found...but not EVERYWHERE it can be found. It's a little misleading PR stunt that happens in every industry.

ziggurcat1830d ago

"Don't ask how I know, but it will be clarify soon ;)"

rookie, you do not have inside information, so stop lying.

Christopher1830d ago

***Sony is doing the same with "debuting first on" pertaining to games like No Man's Sky and FF7 remake. So I don't get what the issue here is.***

Ummm... "debuting first on" says it will go elsewhere. Calling it an exclusive does not imply any such thing. I fairly certain that's the difference.

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Shubhendu_Singh1830d ago

Wow. Microsoft is at it again.

And I said this from day one that Dead Rising 4 can easily come to PS4. (and people downvoted me to oblivion)
Just look at Dead Rising series track record and the fact that DR3 went PC just to cover up their sales (just like Ryse)
DR4 coming to PS4 wasn't much of a stretch.

SmielmaN1830d ago

For some reason the website doesn't play well with my 6s+, is it confirmed to come to PS4? That would be swell.

Overload1830d ago

Yes. 1 year, like Tomb Raider.

SmielmaN1830d ago

Overload, that's fantastic!

Yetter1830d ago

They said First to XB1 and Win10 at the conference. Why everyone was convinced it was exclusive is beyond me.

Fin_The_Human1830d ago

Didn't know DR4 was a very wanted game.

Thought no one cared about a zombie game that does not take it self serious.

1830d ago
PistolsAtDawn1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Why? Sony had a whole 30 min section of their show where they showed multiplat games and didn't say anything. Not to mention...this time by the time it comes to ps4...scorpio may be who really cares at that point anyway???? Anybody that'd wait to play it on ps4 would be making a massive mistake unless they had no other option

@goldby. Days gone is one of the PS4 games in looking forward too as well....but DR4 will most likely have come and gone before Days Gone even releases....not to mention DG looks like a TLoU style game and will probably take 20 or so hours to finish....then what?

_-EDMIX-_1830d ago

Well not really. (Unless you mean Capcom).

IT would be MS best interest to actually not say such things, but seeing how this is Capcom, it means they didn't have a deal that was so ironclad that they had to be silent about it as that clearly would cost money.

I'm actually shocked a PS4 version is even likely in the works considering Capcoms situation and all, unless Sony is funding the port like they did Revelations 2 and SFIV on Vita and PS4.

Bzone241830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

They didn't announce it as an exclusive at all. They just announced it.

Check the Dead Rising 4 page on no mention of exclusive.

1830d ago
trooper_1830d ago

I had a feeling it would have been timed anyway.

jb2271830d ago

ThisGenGaming was the same site that ran w/ the bogus box art "confirming Xbox console exclusivity"...hopefully they learn a lesson from this, but I highly doubt it because I'm sure they got a lot of hits out of their false claims.

This is just aggressively anti consumer. MS is working to keep gamers in the dark about their software, Spencer literally said last year he "didn't want to do any more timed deals" & yet here we are...not only that, but here we are again w/ MS obscuring the truth in order to confuse gamers into buying a box they may not need. Just low & dirty tactics.

Been saying this game would not be a full console exclusive since the presser & Ive been berated & downvoted into oblivion solely for applying logic & history to a situation that is being purposefully obscured yet again by MS. Sad thing is we just went through the same thing w/ RotTR, and we will most likely go through it again next year & the years after.

Ultimately it's all good though, MS marquee holiday exclusive this year will bolster Sony's holiday lineup next year, and still be nestled among year round full exclusive experiences unavailable on other platforms now & in perpetuity. Just like this year we get to have the best of both worlds & play both Uncharted 4 & RotTR, next year we will have the best of both worlds by playing Days Gone & DR4...sadly, MS gamers will be out potential amazing new exclusives that wouldn't have existed otherwise because MS would prefer to spend their budgets on bragging rights instead of actual games.

Christopher1830d ago

Just FYI, that "bogus" box art was directly from Microsoft's site.

The box art is still there as of this posting.

While it's good to be vigilant against poor journalism, in this instance you are completely wrong and TGG used a legit image directly from Microsoft.

jb2271829d ago


Thanks for the correction, I had realized that too looking through this thread after I had posted it. In that instance the issue was obviously with MS, not TGG. My apologies to that site, in this particular instance they were just reporting the actual news. I honestly thought there was no way that MS could've officially released misleading ad assets like that, but here we are I suppose.

I wonder how MS can pull this kind of thing & just see nothing behind it....same thing happened when MS was under investigation over antitrust laws & monopolistic practices, just got dismissed '& swept under the rug. It kinda shows there are no standards in advertising & communication to consumers, and it's just disheartening. These kinds of moves are the reason I don't trust many companies, MS in particular. Spencer has been hailed as the dude that ended these shady practices, but I only see them proliferating in all honesty.

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Dark_Knightmare21830d ago

Makes Microsofts conference even more disappointing

Pogmathoin1830d ago Show
CaptainObvious8781830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I'm confused. I thought MS were actually funding the game from the start, and because of that I was ok with the exclusivity. But MS wouldn't let it go if that was the case.

Is this another case of TR, where ms effectively paid capcom to delay the PS4 release? If it is, I'm going to be very angry.

And just like the TR, scummy MS is being utterly deceptive again, by using careful wording and tricking the public into thinking it's an actually exclusive when they announced it. The publisher, once again, had to come out and correct MS lies.

Gosh I hate MS. This isn't some irrational fanboy hatred. There are too many reasons to count why I detest ms.

And people call me a child for wanting MS to leave the industry...

Kribwalker1830d ago

It's a conversation that someone tweeted. Not saying it's not gonna happen, but that's far from official

Angeljuice1830d ago

The problem is only Xbox fans care about this franchise so nobody will buy it after a year.
It's not like we're starved of Zombie Apocalypse games like we are boxing Sims.

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Majin-vegeta1831d ago

Ive never playec DR games are they any good?

YinYangGaming1831d ago

How comes you haven't played any yet? It depends really, the narrative isn't exactly anything seriously impressive but it's incredibly fun and quite a 'casual' game that's good to play after a long day and just butchering an endless horde of Zombies lol

2pacalypsenow1831d ago

If you have a 360 you should really try Dead Rising the first one

Erik73571830d ago

Yea the first one is the best, sadly the fourth one looks like the 3rd and 2nd one ugh

InTheZoneAC1831d ago

if you have a ps3 go play DR2

Ron_Danger1831d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I had dead rising 2 on ps3, and in my opinion, the first few hours are awesome, but it's the honeymoon effect. I loved my first playthrough but it didn't take long at all, and my next few playthroughs quickly went from fun to tedious. The weapon creating was fun until you start making weapons that are way too powerful. If you're wondering why that's a problem, it because it almost immediately killed the fun factor. It was too easy to kill the hoards of zombies and essentially turned them into mindless walking boxes that barely try to kill you.
It's a fun game, just not one you'll be booting up again after you beat it and some other new game gets released.

blackblades1830d ago

Don't worry I haven't played the series either. Tbh I haven't even played god of war before except the demo. Matter fact there's alot I haven't played so what.

ThePope1830d ago

DR3 was the best co-op game so far this gen. Its hilarious and a ton of fun to play.

Highlife1830d ago

Dying light was far better and better co-op

ThePope1830d ago


I will admit I have yet to play that, plan to, but haven't. The thing with DR3 is that you could make crazy weapons and vehicles and if you played co-op they got additional functions. It was a blast.

FITgamer1830d ago

DR3 was fun, I thought so anyways. Good, not great.

Kribwalker1830d ago

Dead rising 3 was amazing

Livecustoms1830d ago

:O what have you been doing, Dead Rising 2 and 1 are some of my favourite games. They dont take themselves serious their just fun.

Ri0tSquad1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

They're OK. The first one is still the best one IMO. The concept is cool but has a very short lasting appeal for an open world game. Nothing special if you ask me.

SmielmaN1830d ago

I liked the first two. You played 3 at a buddy's place a couple times but it seemed cool. I like the series. It's the only game on Xbox one that I wish I could play on ps4. Hoping this is true and it drops on ps4 in the future. I would def buy it.

Gazda1830d ago

they are pretty fun. Luckily for ps4 gamers, there is tons of games to play to keep you busy while timed exclusivity expires.

sdcard4gb1830d ago

If you like senseless B-movie plot and charm and LOADS of zombie meat flying, burning and smashed all around then you'll love it to bits :)

_-EDMIX-_1830d ago

They are ok, I'd play DR2 though as I liked it a bit better then 1, or play 3 as its on PC and XONE to see if you'll like it.

The series isn't really that different then it was years ago.

robtion1830d ago

Honestly no they're not great. They're okay. I'm sure some people must like them though. I didn't finish either of the first two as they didn't engage me. I have DR3 and have played the first couple of hours but lost interest. Too many other better games to play.

ThanatosDMC1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Great fun co-op games. Worth buying a console for just the one game... but I like mindless stupid zombie games. Worth it on the Xb1. I bet DR4 wont disappoint.

jessionpc1830d ago

Not really, no.

Just a dudebro retard zombie smasher.

The game had some promise with 1, but from then on they went full ret- I mean Saints Row.

Platformgamer1830d ago

Yes they are, if you have a ps3 buy DR 2 asap

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Aloy-Boyfriend1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Thank you Capcom!!

I happily supported Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One and loved it. I'm glad it is coming to PS4 since I don't have the Xbox anymore.

Too bad i will have to wait a year, but Day 1 nonetheless

Filmicfps1830d ago

Dont you mean Day 366 :P jk