Screenshot: Shadow Harvest (Xbox360)

Shadow Harvest is a highly immersive 3rd-person tactical action game set in the year 2025 on various current and future points of conflict around the globe. Featuring dual character control, amazingly realistic graphics and a refreshingly different storyline, Shadow Harvest is a completely new interpretation of the tactical-action genre.

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InMyOpinion3752d ago

Graphics look passable but the gameplay might be interesting. First Ninja Blade and now this. Good day today =)

sak5003752d ago

Unlike sony and their delaystation3, MS doesnt show CGI for games not yet started and claiming its coming the same year. I'm sure they have nice lineup for 2009 and beyond are just are watching the sony release its hyped up games like Socom / Afrika etc years late.

Raoh3752d ago


is this their version of Metal Gear Solid?

InMyOpinion3752d ago

I'd say Splinter Cell is the closest competitor to MGS.

rebirthofcaos3752d ago

another crapstacular game for the rrod 360 XD