Dead Rising 4 Will Not Be Coming To PS4, Will Be An Xbox One Console Exclusive

ThisGenGaming writes, "Despite rumors that Dead Rising 4 could be a timed exclusive due to no announcement during or after the trailer of Dead Rising 4 at Microsoft’s E3 conference. However the cover for Dead Rising 4 has been revealed, and it has now finally confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will NOT be coming to PS4."

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Manic20141828d ago

Ekim who leaked all the details also tweeted that the game is going to come out early next year on STEAM, hence why the Holiday 2015 Exclusive.

naruga1828d ago

no love lost there more zombies games please

BossBattle1828d ago

Day one purchase for me please.

saywat2471828d ago

boo hoo who cares about deadrising 4. just another game microsoft has to buy exclusivity for because they have weak first party studios who aren't talented enough to develope their own exclusives. instead their first party studios keep cranking out sequals over and over and over and over and over. but really deadrising is nothing to go nuts over.

Kribwalker1828d ago


Street fighter 5? King of fighters? Bloodbourne? I can keep going if ud like

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GameNameFame1828d ago

Going to be amazing on PC with all the settings maxed.

Nathan_Hale531828d ago

@GameNameFame as long as it is optimized unlike the sin that was Deadrising 3. Terrible port.

LastcenuryRob1828d ago

LOL..."gamers"" (and I use the term loosely) such as saywat247 and naruga say they don't care yet they are so butthurt they still have to troll on it? That tells me you care a lot. Don't cry, get a real system such as an X1...It has more than 2 good exclusives on it.

miyamoto1827d ago

Let them enjoy Dead Rising while I enjoy Days Gone & Spidey,fair enough?

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Fin_The_Human1828d ago

Where is Digiraptor when you need him.

jb2271828d ago

Where is Capcom & Phil Spencer when you need them? This is far from concrete proof. Where's the source for the art? Why is it 'Xbox Exclusive' branding & not Xbox Console Exclusive when we know it is hitting Win10 as well?

I have no idea whether this hits PS4...maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, but this proves absolutely nothing other than ThisGenGaming don't seem to have high standards on what gets published.

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Bzone241828d ago

I don't know if it's a Xbox One/ Windows 10 exclusive, but every game that was they labeled as such at their conference. This game they didn't as far as I can remember.

The box art they have on their Dead Rising 4 page doesn't say exclusive.

The game isn't grouped with the exclusives on their E3 page either.

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Hoffmann1828d ago

Whatever. I mean I have a ps4 and a pc. More isn't needed.

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Khaotic1828d ago

Everyone has a PC, doesn't mean it runs games well

Erik73571828d ago

No its coming out same day, its not coming out for ps4 though.

Aceman181828d ago

Somehow I never lost sleep over not playing the earlier games, and I don't think I'll be losing any over not playing this one. But those who like enjoy it.

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shuvam091828d ago

Do you seriously think this is gonna be exclusive???
I still have my doubts because of 2 reasons...
1) The boxart looks fake...
2) It isn't XB1 exclusive. Games on Win10 are titled XB1 Console Exclusive...
I think this is coming to PS4...

Hysteria941828d ago

It's been confirmed that it isn't coming to PS4

shuvam091828d ago

Nobody confirmed....
Its just people making up stuff...

JamesBroski1828d ago

Games on Win10 are optimized like shit though. And I remember how bad was DR3 on PC...

ChrisW1828d ago

The key word in the title is "Console". And since the PC isn't considered a console, the wording is correct.

Khaotic1828d ago

Are there advertisement and trailers on the PS4 for it like there are on the Xbox1. And before you ask, all of the games Sony has marketing rights to still have trailers on Xbox one

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MatrixxGT1828d ago

Either MS sucks at keeping leakers under wraps or Sony doesn't have shit worth showing this evening. Everything this last few weeks have been multi plats or MS news getting out. Sony been dead silent.

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Kreisen1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I was thinking the exact same thing lol. But i guess well get our answer soon enough :D

Hoffmann1828d ago

Just like last year..for the most part

Strikepackage Bravo1828d ago

Sony will have plenty of indies. And as much as we try to pretend those are exciting, the leakers are apparently under no such delusions.

Silly gameAr1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

MS's showing wasn't really that impressive or surprising game wise, so I'm not sure why you're acting like what they had was worth digging for.

Sony is coming up next, so you'll see what they have soon enough.

migh_and_highty1828d ago

Because Sony don't hype. They didn't hype 2013 E3, which was epic. They didn't hype last years, which was epic'er!

bleedsoe9mm1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

sony doesn't have neogaf actively trying to spoil their E3 . anything they can do to take some air out of the ms show . its 100% certain their are gaffers sitting on all the sony leaks they just won't put them out .

JamesBroski1828d ago

Well seems like Sony blew Microsoft out of the water

MatrixxGT1828d ago

In your opinion. But I get it, that's what all the kids are saying.

fallacious1828d ago

sony just demolished microsoft in terms of games

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Bnet3431828d ago

do you guys think this will bomb in sales like Street Fighter V because it will be console exclusive? or should it stay console exclusive?

Manic20141828d ago

It has it's fan's, I think it should do fine.

Dark_Overlord1828d ago

Street Fighter bombed due to it being an incomplete barebones game that was rushed out just for that tournament (can't remember it's name) and everyone knew it was a waste of money at the time.

s8anicslayer1828d ago

SFV bombed because it was an incomplete mess of a game period. DR4 will have mediocre sales with the X1 and that is that. This is capcom, no killer apps and ruined franchises from now on!

YinYangGaming1828d ago

DR3 sold over 2 mil at launch, it'll do fine

Yetter1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I don't think SV5 bombed in sales because of exclusivity

_-EDMIX-_1828d ago

100% agreed. I think SFV bombed because it wasn't a good game. It had 2 of the largest active install bases currently.

No reason why SFV failed other then being a bare bones game.

I think DR4 will do just fine as Capcom just doesn't have the funds to make such games on many platforms if they are only moving 2 million or so. Its best they make this deal and I'm a PS4 owner and I agree with what Capcom is doing.

Better to have Capcom stay smart and not waste funds going yolo and still exist.

Hoffmann1828d ago

SFV bombed because its not the best fighting game out there and more is partially shitty because they released it wiithout being complete, I mean..even now it does not have a story mode yet or even an arcade mode.

_-EDMIX-_1827d ago

....that too.

Folks can disagree all the want, but SFV (even I own it folks) isn't a GREAT game. You can only really like a IP so much. At the end of the day, SF fans still like GOOD SF games. They won't just buy a bad game in droves just because it has the SF name on it.

The like it because its fun, not because its just called SF.

Lag isn't fun, being taken out of a game isn't fun, limited content at full price isn't fun.

Its not the worst game of all time, but its neither the best fighting game of all time.

Its sales very much reflect its quality over all. SF as a series is not known to move such low numbers.

Tedakin1828d ago

Part 3 sold a million copies and was a launch title. I'd hope this one does better.

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ClayRules20121828d ago

Sweet Niblets, that makes me a little sad =( However, I honestly hope Xbox One owners have an awesome time with this crazy cool looking game.