GameCyte Preview: Preview: Yggdra Union

GameCyte writes: "I had the chance recently to spend some time with Yggdra Union, a colorful fantasy strategy-RPG from Atlus and Sting Entertainment. The game, a quirky, card-based, semi-real-time tactical JRPG, is actually a PSP remake of a GBA title which was released in 2006. I never had the opportunity to try the original, but according to Atlus, this new version is a broad enhancement in several ways, including new missions, new characters, improved widescreen visuals, and added unlockable content. I was able to get some hands-on time with the first few hours of Yggdra Union, and the enhancement I was immediately grateful for was the remastered audio with added voice acting - so I could hear exactly how to pronounce "Yggdra" (it's "ig-druh")."

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