Atlus gives away free game with Knights in the Nightmare

Yggdra Union, previously released on Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable, will be included with every launch copy of Atlus USA's upcoming Knights in the Nightmare.

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kevco333055d ago

More publishers should do this. THQ did it with RF:G and Metro 2033.

knifefight3055d ago

The best ever was when you got Shadow Hearts free with Shadow Hearts 2. Even if you already had it, the first game was selling for $50 used on eBay at the time. Holy crap what a deal.

SactoGamer3055d ago

I agree. This is really something that adds value to the high price of games these days.

BlackIceJoe3055d ago

This is an awesome deal. I already own Yggdra Union so it will not be a new game for me. But because it is a digital copy I will be able to put it on my PSP. So now I can take Yggdra Union on the go. So again this is great & I hope Atlus does this with more of their games soon.