LittleBigPlanet level limitations are minimal writes:"In a recent interview, producer Pete Smith and interface designer Jim Unwin has revealed that the creation limits are at minimal. There is a thermometer displayed when your creating a new level, as you progress adding new content to the level the thermometer will move up and get hotter, the more you add the hotter the thermometer reads."

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el_bandito3704d ago

Little Big Thermometers!

GutZ313704d ago

Pete Smith:

"One guy kept a level open for an entire day while groups of German press rotated in and more content was added. By the end of the day it was maxed out, but none of our levels, the ones on the game disc, even come close."

Doesn't sound that limited to me.

Perjoss3704d ago

...because I know I'm going to spend so much time with the editor mode that I wont get a chance to actually play the game, or any of the other great games coming out at end of this year :D

B-Rein3704d ago

the limitations arent that huge lol, the thememeter takes ages to fill up according to that article, it says a guys been creating and leaving the level open for others to edit, i took whole day to max it out so id say it aint limited at all or there is a small limit

Bombibomb3704d ago

Like Steve mentioned below, the title of this article was worded terribly. "Huge limitations" means you are very limited.

stevec323704d ago

'Level limitations are huge'

That suggests that the limitations are massive, that you are extremely limited in your level creation. Worded terribly.

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The story is too old to be commented.