The Elder Scrolls games ranked, from worst to best

Here's the complete list – as it currently stands – of The Elder Scrolls games ranked, from worst to best.

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Summons751834d ago

Skyrim above Oblivion? You're dreaming. Otherwise a good list.

-Foxtrot1834d ago

I know right

Oblivion was much more challenging and featured deep RPG elements

Skyrim was great but like Fallout 4 they dumbed everything down

blitzburns41834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I think we're missing something.

Oblivion has one of, if not the, best DLC's of all time. To this day Shivering Isles is one of the best single player expansions ever made. Playing Oblivion for Shivering Isles alone is worth it.

shammgod1834d ago

I agree. I liked Skyrim, but wish oblivion was the remaster they were working on

naruga1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Morrowind is by far the best...unrepeated atmosphere , art design ,overall structure

sullynathan1834d ago

@blitz "good dlc" doesn't mean the base game isn't garbage

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Servbot411834d ago

Oblivion's leveling system and scaling were so horribly implemented that they dragged the entire game down. Of the three "modern" games it's easily the worst.

-Foxtrot1834d ago

Better then letting you easily become a god like character in Skyrim

That was so straight forward and easy

sullynathan1834d ago

@Servbot Finally, someone with a brain. Oblivion is fucking terrible. What the hell was Bethesda thinking when they made some of the design decision with this game? And all the pre-release hype and lies too. Oblivion is easily the worst TES game.

@fox you're stupid. You do become a god in Oblivion. Remember shivering isles? And you become a god in gameplay too.

sullynathan1834d ago

Skyrim is objectively better than oblivion. I don't know what's wrong with you guys.

Oblivion is fucking terrible.

TC7311834d ago

Morrowind's the best.

Bigpappy1834d ago

Yep. Morrowind is the best. I was hoping that was the remaster, as it is the only one I am willing to rebuy and replay.

andrewer1834d ago

wow an actually good list. I personally think Oblivion is better than Skyrim, not because Oblivion is way better than Skyrim but because Skyrim feels superficial in several areas.

sullynathan1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Say what you want about Skyrim but it was far better than Oblivion. It doesn't matter if Oblivion had far more useless skills and unbalance. It was a worse video game and rpg than Skyrim. It was just poor overall.

From the stupid enemy scaling, to the "Radiant AI" lies by Bethesda, then the crap combat, story, poor unbalanced rpg mechanics and more. It was just flat out worse than Skyrim and morrowind. Don't let your rose tinted glasses fool you.

Pongwater1833d ago

Rose tinted glasses? Since Morrowind the series has lost depth with each new release. That's a simple fact. Less depth doesn't make a better rpg.

Radiant AI was dumbed down because of unforeseen consequences like city guards getting hungry on the job, leaving their post, and wandering off into the woods to go hunting. Another example I remember reading about had to do with NPCs getting addicted to Skooma. If you want to say they "lied", fine, but Skyrim's AI was also dumbed down at release and didn't do things they talked about in previews. For that matter, Skyrim also has poor combat and scaling AI.

sullynathan1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

everything you mentioned was done worse in Oblivion. Morrowind did not have "depth", if anything the TES game that had the most "Depth" was Daggerfall.
Oblivion never had any depth either.

AdmGenAladeen1833d ago

Since I only played Skyrim I can call it the best. If the others are just as good or even better I might have to try them. Anyways, extremely hyped for Skyrim remaster. I logged hundreds of hours on ps3 even though it was buggy as s***. Will be buying this day 1!

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