SOCOM: New trailer, European prices revealed

LivePlay3 writes:

"SOCOM: Confrontation comes today with a brand new trailer showing us a few phases of urban warfare taking place in the Middle East.

The game is scheduled for October 17. Three versions will be marketed. In the first place on the Playstation Store at 39.00 EUROS;, but also on Blu-Ray with a headset or without 59.00 EUROS to 39.00 EUROS.

As a reminder, be aware that the system of "Trophy" will be compatible and that personalizing your soldier will be very thorough. Finally, I would remind you that the title is that only playable online. "

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fllysurfer5773d ago

Sorry but it´s been confirmed that no PSN for Socom.

Fishy Fingers5773d ago

Really? Then perhaps you could provide us with a link?

cp685773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

Stop talking crap. I have reported you.

"Pricing for both the PlayStation Network download and the retail stand alone version is $39.99 while the retail bundle version – which includes the (rather attractive) PS3 Bluetooth headset along with "exclusive Behind the Scenes videos" – will be $20 more, at $59.99. No prices yet for the rest of the world"

This news discusses the EUROPEAN prices, as they have just been revealed.

THC CELL5773d ago

this game will welcome some of the missing ps2 players

and drag them Traitors from xbox also

Kevin Pereira5773d ago

Another great exclusive added to the PS3's already ridiculously triumphant October lineup.

At least us Xbox360 owners get Banjo-Kazooie the following month, right? right?!!? Oh my god, I'm gonna kill myself!

WIIIS15773d ago

Yeah triumphant 1 month lineup out of 12 months in the year makes 2008 the year of the Phoney!

Dyingduck5773d ago

And you apparently forgot Crapbox360 will have 12months out of 12 full of flops...

Shane Kim5773d ago

Triple A MGS4 and (even if not AAA) GT5:P.

fllysurfer5773d ago


reported me? on what basis? "offensive"? Come on. It´s a comment.

On regards to Socom as so many other issues. Sony has been leaving Europe in the dust. No Beta news..."leftovers". No respect for Euroland.

And even on the price issue, based on your translated post. Prices are still higher than the US... so another rip-off

at todays exchange rate:
39 € = 57.0609 US$
59 € = 86.3229 US$

badz1495773d ago

are you saying M$ is not on the same boat? I think games' prices for PS3 and 360 are about the same over there and even PC games cost more in Europe than NA! stop posting BS and about Sony leaving Europe in the dust thing, PlayTV says hello!!

Fishy Fingers5773d ago

Due to economic climates, pricing in regions is never equal and never has been. Exchange rates constantly shift, should manufacturers constantly rewrite their prices to suit?

EU have always paid more thean the US for almost everything, food, tech, energy, petrol, everything. We also have multiple faxes that do not effect US consumers. It's a fact of life we all have to deal with.

Ghoul5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

Im not defending the price strategy BUT

sony for example sold us "The Last Guy" for 7.99€ instead the NA 9.99$
wich is very cool, no pun but ms isnt doing such things in general.

+ i earn appropiate more here in germany then in the US. It's all about the Regional per head income compared to living costs. while you pay less ofr the games and consoles compared to the EU you also earn less. so its a square

btw to the first poster, palytv ?? europe only ?? how is this not showing love from sony ?

fllysurfer5773d ago

Who said anything on M$ or PC games...hello!?!

PlayTV isn´t even games related.

n4gzz5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

I understand what you are saying. But you guys make more money than us (states). So it balance out. If you go to some poor asian country their ps3 retail titles are around $40 compare to us. Now i can't fuss about that, can I ? In fact, hardly anyone even buys 360 games, all piracy.

titntin5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

The point is extremely simple to understand.

ALL consumer good are cheaper in the US than they are in Europe.
Sony's games are no exception, and neither are the titles for the 360 Wii, DS etc. Most TV's are almost half the price.

This is not due to a pricing policy of Sony's, it true of all sellers of consumer goods, so to argue that this is evidence of 'Sony shafting Europeans' is to miss the point entirely.

Your attitude and agression seem to suggest you know you arguing poitlessly, and you seem to be having a 'strop' because you were proved conclusively wrong about the title being a PSN release. Chill dude. It would be far better to post "whoops - I got my facts wrong!" rather than simply make more false assertions.

..and play TV is an add on for a games console. Of course its releated.