Watch Dogs 2 Dev Confirms No Loading Between Single-player And Online Modes

From what Ubisoft has said, it sounds like the experience between single-player and online will be seamless.

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Phil32956d ago

That's a mighty convenient plus!

RuleNumber5956d ago

Definitely! Hope you don't always have to be online to play single player tho. Would be a bummer.

just_looken955d ago

Not if its a always online title

Austin48955d ago

If it's online only no buy it can be played offline so why do they do stupid things like this idiots.

uncharted56955d ago

You have to be online to play single player in coop with someone....
unless you are suggesting that its online only then no its offline too just like the first game

Darkwatchman955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Are you sure? Ubisoft are pretty shady.

andrewsquall954d ago

Remember when they seamlessly added an online mode to Assassin's Creed? Oh yeah, they damaged the name of the series FOREVER. They even had to scrap whatever crap was coming out this year to go back and build the "next gen" game engine from the ground up all over again.