CyrusLemont2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Great to hear

EDIT: I think the rest of my opinion was wrong so I removed it.

EDIT 2: I regret ever commenting in the first place.

EDIT 3: It's gotten cold and lonely here, all I have left is some small food rations, the light of my phone and a thin wall of plaster and those against me.

EDIT 4: I've ran out of food, it's been hours since I've seen another agree. I don't think I'm going to survive til E3.

EDIT 5: This is the end, tell Mark Cerny [struggling grunting sounds] Knack sucked.

Saigon2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I think that pricing scheme your proposing is too one would buy it at that price range. Keep it at least at 400$ and you may grab the core gamer's that want it, like myself. Any higher and most will just wait.

Either way, it seems like there is finally confirmation since the article is quoting a very reliable source. This is going to be a very interesting summer to see what Sony and MS will offer regarding the enhancements for 4k.

CyrusLemont2967d ago

Sorry, I'm Australian so I was talking AUD. If it's $400 USD, it will probably be $600 AUD.

poppinslops2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I'm also in Australia and there's no way it's going to be that cheap - it's going to be closer to $1000... they said it will be profitable from day 1, so (assuming the leaked specs were correct) it won't be any cheaper than $500USD - that said, the price will come down over time.

I doubt Microsoft will unveil Scorpio at E3... they'll probably wait until they KNOW what the Neo's specs are before they so much as confirm it's existence.

Eidolon2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

There still isn't confirmation on what the upgrade actually is. Stated that they will both be sold during the PS4 life cycle, so the latter will be more expensive I assume, at least a $100 difference.

Why can I never visit this website on my network?

JackVagina2967d ago

@poppinslops It might not be as expensive as people think. AMD recently announced the RX480(8GB) witch is extremely cheap at 199$, low power consumption and is supposedly able to rivial the GTX970/980 in terms of power witch are 400$+ cards.

Keep in mind if Sony buys directly from AMD and in bulk that 199$ price will be even cheaper. If only we knew what type of CPU was in it we could safely assume the price. but i expect it could hit at 399$ if it has a variant of the RX480 inside.

poppinslops2967d ago

@Jack: I did not know that... in that case, here's hoping - anything under $500USD is day 1 buy for me, assuming Bloodborne gets 'the treatment'.

ULTp0ltergeist2967d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

So Nintendo delayed NX announcement and now Sony has offset announcing Neo come E3, that sucks. However Microsoft is pretty low-key about all the Scorpio rumors, very interesting. Dammit 2 days!

Gazda2967d ago

its a day one buy for me. I want my PS VR experience as best it can be. More specifically, i want gran turismo sport with my G29 and racing seat along with VR as best it can be $$$$$$

AngelicIceDiamond2966d ago

One word; Pumped. I know its not a popular thing to get excited for but I'm a hardcore gamer not a casual one I wanna see this thing at E3.

KentBenMei2966d ago

$400 is the most they can ask for Neo, IMO. It will just look too unattractive to someone looking for VR to see a PS4 Neo for over $400 and then add that to their cost for PS VR.

Dragonking0072966d ago

Sadly if its aiming to do 4k gaming yea its going to be pricey like 500-700 dollars at least...

JustGamin852966d ago

I really was hoping Sony would have some type of trade in deal to decrease the cost of the newer console.

AndrewLB2966d ago

I agree that you Australians are going to get hosed regardless of what it costs here in the US because of the GST (goods and services tax) of 10%, 5% import duty on video game consoles, and a $50 import processing charge which all factor in to the retail price. On top of that, with the current exchange rate an item costing $400 USD will run you $542 AUD in Australia. So once the exchange rate, taxes, duties, and fees are all added up, Australians are looking at a price tag of around $676 AUD without factoring in a multitude of other factors such as cost of living differences, which are fairly high in Australia

poppinslops2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

@Andrew: While I agree with all of that, I'd add that consoles are a one-off purchase - at least they were before today - so I don't see the Neo's price being an impediment to it's success 'Down Under' (literally the first time I've ever used that phrase)... that said, I expect the PSVR/NEO bundle will be something of a 'luxury' item this Christmas.

Paying $110 for new games is the worst part - holiday season can be especially tough on the budget if you're a gamer... but our country is ranked as one of the safest, most livable places around (despite all the critters that'll kill you dead) and our women are beautiful, so it's not all bad.

nitus102966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I can understand the Neo supporting three layer BluRay disks with HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 and possibly a stronger CPU but other than that I can't see it supporting 4k games.

Even top gaming rigs have limited support for 4k gaming and that is with a decent and expensive graphics cards which require a more powerful power supply and possibly a more powerful CPU. All this adds up to extra heat which in turn requires a means of exhausting it. To do this will require a re-engineering of the current PS4 box which basically means retooling for what will basically be a new model and if you are still going to produce the PS4 then you will need two production lines.

The bottom line is we still have no idea what the Neo specifications are so all we have are rumours.

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Tsar4ever012967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

All I hope from Sony at E3 is that they don't press the Psvr overview so much that they over-shadow it's main console games listings. I don't mind them mentioning psvr, but don't drag our faces on it. Just do a brief summary and then tell everyone to try it out on the show floor. Have a bunch of booths, lots of headsets with different titles or demos. Just stick with the games, Sony. Please just stick with the games.

As for MS, show us Xbox One mini, explain the changes on the new controller. And just stick with games.

stuna12967d ago

Well said! Even though I'm excited for PSVR, nothing sould ever overshadow the main focus of what ever machines we support true purpose for owning it! And for me that's to play games. Give me a controller and a console, and that's all that's needed.

jznrpg2967d ago

I doubt they will take more than 10 mins because you cant show VR well on a stage

Yetter2966d ago

But PSVR seems to be the focus for Sony right now. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of it at Sonys presser

stuna12967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Then why would they confirm it then? The true test has been passed on Sonys part! 1) Unconfirmed rumors of PS4 Neo's existence pretty much a myth up to this point! 2) Confirmed reports of Xbox Scorpio! May NPD reports even after rumored upgraded consoles had been swirling around for some time! Microsofts admission to no new console, but last month admitting to not 1 but 2 consoles, a slim and a hefty upgrade, even though the upgrade in specs can be up for interpretation.

All Sony has to do now is follow Microsofts lead as too when to come in and actually steal Microsofts thunder! Even if Microsoft announces the Xbox Scorpio at E3 or waits till later on in the year Sony would be able to gleen a likely relaase window. Thereby being able to offset any negligible power difference and possibly outbid them in support as well.

@ poppinslop

I agree, all I'm saying is it still gives Sony a pretty wide window to accurately predict a likely release window and make necessary changes. They did it with the PS4 with their Ram. And as far as what everyone claimed we're in both machines many we're far off! Sony aren't as bad at Poker as people seem to think!? David did slay Goliath after all....... Also I appreciate your reply with a solid foundation.

poppinslops2967d ago

Sony's on the clock with the Neo - it basically has to release sometime between PSVR and Horizon: Zero Dawn... I'd bet on it being available before Christmas.

343_Guilty_Spark2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Sony isnt about to Jump MS. I bet NEO is already being manufactured.