Greatest Video Game Composers: Frank Klepacki

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "Sometimes a video game composer's entire career can be defined by his or her work on a single franchise, regardless of how many other soundtracks they may have created over the course of their career. In many ways, this is exactly what happened to the person we're talking about today - Frank Klepacki. He is one of the most prominent and prolific western video game composers of the past 25 years, having worked in the industry since he was 17 years old."

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Goldeneye0071521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I recently bought the C&C Ultimate Edition ($8 special from Amazon) which included 17 C&C titles. It came with a bunch of tracks from the series and they're now on my MP3 player in my car. I've been rolling around blasting Hell March and others for the past week fantasizing about directing Mammoth tanks to blow up other vehicles in my way in traffic. Lol!

Ever since I first played the first C&C back in the 90's, I've been a huge fan of Klepacki's work. The man is a true legend.