Rumor: Crash Bandicoot to return…in Skylanders

A retail listing suggests that Crash Bandicoot might return in Skylanders: Imaginators.

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nX2908d ago

This would pretty much kill any hope had in a proper return of Crash. I hate Activision for a lot of reasons but keeping Crash hostage is probably the biggest.

Nitrowolf22907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

This is going to be in the top E3 disappointments of all time if true and it doesn't have a crash game announcement following it. So many teasers, and it's funny because I made a comment a few days ago saying that Crash might just be a playable skin in Knack 2. Either way, it's just a big middle finger.

I just in all honesty, can't see a dedicated crash game not getting announced alongside this.

nX2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

The problem is that his inclusion in Skylanders would pretty much mean that Activision still owns his IP.

I don't want it developed by Activi$ion, their games are shit.

bouzebbal2907d ago

lol crash and Spyro together.. i dreamt of it in my childhood.. Activision did it.
I hope this is a joke.

The 10th Rider2907d ago

Honestly, while I'd rather have a real return of Crash, this reveal wouldn't disappoint me because it would be too dang hilarious.

I honestly doubt Crash is going to return as a Sony developed game either way. If anything, they may get a partnership with Activision to get an exclusive or timed-exclusive and it will likely be targeted at young kids. That's about the best I'd realistically expect.

TwoForce2907d ago

I still can't believe that Activision still hold Crash Bandicoot. I wish Sony bought Crash Bandicot in the first place.

AngelicIceDiamond2907d ago

I honestly think Sony tried striking a deal to get Crash back but knowing Activision they're probably selling the ip for a ridiculous amount of money so ridiculous Sony had to opt out. This is the company that's still using P2P in MP games, releases one new Ip a generation. The cheapest and laziest company in the world and the worst company overall. They're not doing noting with Crash and will charge Sony or any other company that wants the Ip and stupid amounts of money.

Activision is the worst company out right now.

jessionpc2907d ago

Crash is a relic, a half successful exclusive IP that was fired for a REASON.

Sorry if many people on here are too stuck living in the past, but I, "and the rest of the REAL gaming community, not the fleshjacks we got in here", wan't new and fresh experiences. Like Bloodborne.

God... To think we'd miss out on a new blockbuster IP game for... Running around an orange beaver collecting apples... This isn't the 90's anymore people, let it go and pick up that paddle, swim to the boat and get back on board.

Cus you gonna be left behind, HARD.

Even if this game DID get a new coat of skin, "someday", it'll NEVER be the memory, and it won't continue a trend.

Truth hurts so hard, I know.

ColonelHugh2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

What are you, twelve?

When Bloodborne came out and I was playing it religiously, guess what, my friend and I popped Crash 2 into my PS3, and played the game start to finish, and collected everything. Immediately after, I was culling other hunters in Bloodborne.

I mean, honestly, your comment barely makes sense. Crash was also quite successful with its early games. I gather you think any E rated games are probably holding back mature games more palatable to your refined taste in games. But if you look back at the era Crash came from, you can see other exclusives like the Kain series, Silent Hill, (cough cough) King's Field and Shadow Tower.

There's such a thing as an ecosystem with the gaming industry, and Ratchet & Clank proved that Crash has a place waiting for his return.

theRedDragon2908d ago

Wha!t? Not what I was expecting. Disappointing to say the least if this is true.

Deadpooled2907d ago

No Activision, please NO! First Spyro has been hacked to death and now this?


Aloy-Boyfriend2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Fkin' feared this would happen.

I feared all the teasers and the hype that they have created would make Activision to take notes and just keep Crash to themselves.

Sad news indeed.

Thatguy-3102908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

*sigh* to hell with it man. It's either give it back to Sony or don't bring it up. The same people wanting to get the game aren't going to get into freaking skylanders -_- Sony better not announce this sh*t at E3 because if they do I'm going to lose it. Properly bring him back to his old self or don't bring him at all and STOP teasing him on things where he doesn't belong to give some type of impression. All the hype started because of subtle Easter eggs. They should stop if it isn't going to lead them anywhere.

madpuppy2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

You know what would be really great? If Activision (or Sony) announces Crash as a Skylander character (or whatever thing crash ends up being in that people don't want .)
The audience at E3 doesn't applaud...they are just quiet maybe with a heckler or 2 just to punctuate the silence. what a powerful message that would send....and it would be hilarious!!!

ORyanDeee2907d ago

and maybe a couple of people booing here and there haha

Deadpooled2907d ago


A couple of people? Hopefully the whole conference riots!

-Foxtrot2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )


Are they joking....they take OUR HYPE and love for the character, our want for him to return to Sony and they decide to try and cash in on him by putting him in Skylanders. WHY WOULD WE BUY IT, they are just going to p*** us off

Jesus Christ this better not be true.

I'd be more ticked off at Sony to be honest....all those hints and what do we get, a Skylanders game

Calm down...calm down

Breathe....just breathe

gangsta_red2907d ago

Well supposedly it will be an exclusive Sony character for the ps4 version of Skylanders. So in a sense your love will return to Sony and Sony was right to hint at it.

If this is true of course.


-Foxtrot2907d ago

Yeah but if that's the case Sony know god damn f***** well what we wanted

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a Skylanders game is not what we wanted

Their E3 would be a laughing stock. I can see it now in the future

"Top E3 fails....Number One: The Great Crash Bandicoot Troll"

If true...IF then we better give them hell

Nitrowolf22907d ago

if its not a true crash game, Sony is gonna get so much hate if this is revealed during their press conference.

ninsigma2907d ago

If it's true, then no they shouldn't have hinted it. Very few people from the demographic that would be all over a crash game would want this so it wouldn't be worth teasing. It's seriously gonna tick off a lot of people if this is all it is. And I'd be one of them.

naruga2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

@Foxtrot if this is real ..crowd must hoot Sony altogether...just to take a dose of ridicoulness

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RookieMonsterLives2907d ago

Don't know about you , but I am glad Crash is back, regardless if it is just a guess character in a kid game. Love crash Bandicoot and glad he is on Skylander. My kids will love it.

gangsta_red2907d ago

You never know Fox, maybe if you support this and make it successful this will prompt Activision to partner up with Sony again and make a true Crash game.


It might make Activision make another multiplat Crash game like Crash: Mind over Mutant...yeech!

Either way you got to belieeeeve!

-Foxtrot2907d ago

I don't want a partner ship, no one does, we want them to sell it to them

A partnership means Activision will mostly call the shots and will most likely use a shit studio, not to mention use the shit designs for the characters.

Whether it's Skylanders or another game like Mind of Mutant it's not good enough, it's not what we want. I would rather see Crash stay dead if that's the case. I want to see him rise from the grave sure but not as a horrified zombie.

IIFloodyII2907d ago

Didn't make them make a new Spyro game, Crash becoming a Skylander is sadly a death sentence, hopefully, it's a quick death.